Our Dream Has Finally Come True!

Thursday, November 2nd


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We have breaking news this morning. I only listen harder than us if he whine. And moan enough about something your dreams come true. We welcome all of did you unwelcome the identity of the morning and San Diego's number one for new country KS. You guys have got a huge announcement to make something has happened. For the first time in the history of John and Jimmy in the morning as we were together and all I've ever wanted to. For both of us magic being so it's finally my the other thing I want an hour and it's a mood it's finally happened okay I'm so excited and think to some friends here in San Diego. I would like he gets. I'll phone please oh so this is something you said on the show numerous shows can be a thousand times I said to you a million times I've said to myself. Countless time RM that it finally happened Epperson all that person to thank you. Generally they get this I don't know well to be said to besides us anybody that would listen our musician friends every band has come nor'easter do you I've been hearing our analysts about us I think I noted at first I thought it would just happen but like I I've finally just became shameless in saying it will be great and it's finally happened disease that we have with us right now this. Outlook our gateway now. Hey buddy we're talking to grant and an Caro aren't they have a lead singer of the group in Karo all man what a surprise here. Well it's nice to hear your voice is well I'll do one I think you guys very much. Because Joseph just stop by with a name Carol hot chicken care package Joseph being your bass player hot chicken being naming your new record. I'll hunch Graham joined in a hunch a hope. I opened the CD and the first thing I did was read the liner notes the think use located inside your CD and by the. In our history. John and it's always on the votes. And we're not at the very we're not at the bottom we are not the last one thing. Are we love you guys and appreciated. All the help you private detective right now about the played here enough they'll. Yeah. Pigs so would you ability fly hot chicken right now. Belly full of up breakfast cinema trot chicken come through our. And chicken is an gluten and Carol record when you guys come back to play for your friends and family here in San Diego cal. I December all right we impounded Kate exactly yet who would bear in December early. So. Are and so on I love it. Yeah I've got to commit it. When do you play to what did you do you really going to play give this morning. You have planted these eleven that you do here. Now right on the watch our bill that just goes to show you anyhow time at any given club the seventy. But the the most legendary club and all Nashville. You'll find an upcoming superstar singing for their supper literally because nobody gets paid he passed the Bhutto wrote in my right about this Graham. Yet that brag that what they say they'd be big barrels of. Oh well. That is good to know me and Carlos and you've got work to do we're gonna text our friend Monica who's who's a newbie in Nashville took a rundown of truth is challenged and ran. I love you guys they political. He just jumped from kinda like to we love you too now. And I thought I. Now we always a lot of stuff that may have gone from being fun being facetious and Graham knows I love them out but Graham sincerely. Thank you very much is really this might be because he's on the biggest dork in the world but this is a career highlight for me spoke of they Q. Hell yeah I think you guys appreciate it. You imagine gray don't have a pretty well you Batman. Again as we still marginally. It's tough for a couple of. That's that's that's your lifelong ambition really. Letters on an album cover good thing he's trying to hurt him.