Our Co-worker Got Married And Told NO ONE!

Monday, October 23rd


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When is the last time you found out just a jaw dropping secret about someone that you that you know or the maybe you are hiding. A jaw dropping secret from people like even the people who love you like your family or your roommates or your co workers. Welcome Johnson in the morning. So if you've ever been to a tea. And to go to the past six plus years you've met then. Nix in his his name sweet guy we watched him grow up here I feel I think we all feel. Even though persistence close and his agent that we all feel someone a lot of like you know little brother type reeling towards Fincher. So. We were shocked I mean jaw dropping. Shot in Bibby for a plea this movement is as he's cool with playing the Yankees that it could indie wire into our office. And stood in front of my deaths and held up his hand I was asking what was going mine. With your new. Mary. Girlfriend Mandy your. Commitment together month a month now now I'm and and other histories because. The last time I saw fit and he was in a long to release it was somebody else. And that is that it might not so long ago. Are you going to tell me your moments ago. Okay for a half year ago probably maybe. But when he told me he got married I thought maybe they reconciled. And that was who is married to in the first it was the Oden. But. That's what I was wrong but. Well you don't pretty unique way it toll this story Chris Kirby yes ours is Meyer makes ex girlfriend. Who so he's known her longer than a month I wanna put that out their style he matter a month ago and that's the end of it known they know each other for awhile sure sure sure. His roommates girlfriends we last left the story next girlfriend. And blue moon and remain new venture together for outlawed. Users and and who would. Love your accident it is you're really know they get married yet they treated girlfriend. Dot com Z you know. Anwar how would you feel I don't know. And it's an enthusiasm and plenty of grass anybody take yeah. They get them back are just to recap here are longtime recorder comes and hey guess what I'm married and I've known her for a month. We've been together for a month I no longer oh by the way she she relates ex girlfriend her maid who just found out that I'm married his next. Ouch hey I knew. Edwards hopes or you know you're right. Back at the second. Linda Madonna totally shocked I was still Sosa I still wasn't leaving him a note that your I still do O. How the ball up. Okay. Every trick and I don't really doesn't even say yeah. We like every so close to people like. Two feet. I guess yeah weddings that's an immediate picture. And it didn't bother you better be a wet and cool hand they weren't there. Meaning. So again even yeah. Recap. Buried nowhere. Together but surely it's girlfriend still overweight now for longer and know how old. Parents don't even know yet again field. This is also a good this is a good speaker a few little rattling you know it's. Amazing. Oh my goodness. It. Is where and a wife and I. Jessica good client. Yeah. Muttering something insight from I don't know that even was. One this is compelling to me for another reason because I was in the conversation there. But later on I had an event with neck. And he told me we had the exact. Same conversation I demanded to see a picture yeah. Everything prepared he had the ring on them we're at the Chevron extra mile station in Cardiff and people were asking me what was going on. Because he's telling me the appearance RA funny shored up no way do you know what let me see a pitcher Donald K okay. A compelling story. Becomes even more compelling. Right now Johnson in the morning and Sunni who's number one for new country can do so and I Jimmy recap. What we just talked about because us. Yeah like my job. Promotions. Director nick. I you have met nick in all of out. The county whenever he's been out of ballots. Came into our office helmet as he answered me wedding ring in his started from there he actually got married in Las Vegas we didn't believe them he had to prove it to us. And how we haven't even met his now why Fiat. So this shocking revelation that you became even more compelling right now because joining us. Is knicks in fins new wife. Good morning new life. Well you know our name that we don't know where we. It. Tells. Correct yeah. Just ask. You have a sweet wonderful husbands. Are obviously otherwise went to Mary and how it turns out. Yeah you gotta take us there because we were all just jaw dropped. Shocked when we heard this news not because we didn't we in the nick of a find someone that you get married just because you came literally out of nowhere if they surprised us. One out of your family react to. Might not very loving and the port at saying no. Our Iran I made it at the end highlight and it is that it may Belle. At all. Hole. I know how did you do we know you're gonna get married did did you have this plan for a while or is this is spontaneous where you guys as it sounds to us. Somewhat young and crazy crazy and did you ever have and I mean nothing. Does negative or despairing we did you have. Any thought the next daylight holy lord wanted like to do. But I delivered and knowing Jerry. Not apparent at it out in an app on every. They're like somebody looking over at that we laughed. Why aren't out there. And it Macon and in Curacao got married in Vegas at the root and you want harvest vessel thankfully they weren't there that night but still out there are dealing with the effects of that on top of that so my guy that's like twenty minutes before Jason LB took the stage. Via EM while while. As a weird circumstances really were all over the place with this one by Tom. Right. Yeah. There. To have once you're drinking. And I got an upgrade at October oh yeah well I have my L. Our we can't wait to get to meet you know I. Trying to listen you know you married them right. Are okay. Make sure you realizes these guys are buried well congratulations it's a wonderful thing and take care of our boy okay. Please jump to for the first time ever. For us (%expletive) is yeah. Mr. President. I its own language guys insulin. It and didn't. Crazy just pulled this had them you're going near magnolia and I don't discuss my life enough for a the things aren't so tomorrow. I wanna get more of these these secrets I that you're you're holding it. Or anyone or reveal or revealed to unit very shocking oil we just found out remember all still hasn't blown away by those now of course does Nancy kink your party and yeah. Yeah I'm here I have to play I do well sure I'm sure if you're way up.