Oprah's Commencement Speech

Tuesday, May 15th


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All right so pro recently did the graduation commencement speech at University of Southern California. Now I have to apologize to the students in the US the URE one of the best schools in the world. Your parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for you go to that school right you'd expect that would Oprah is coming to deliver the commencement speech. Graduation year but if you wanna bring a notebook you can shop these things down because she's that. Inspirational. Yeah I'll wait and maybe nets' home and shot. A couple of the thoughts. Even the breakfast. It really pays off. Palin I think that's. Not funny. Control. Pay your bills on time for a reason cycle make it bad. Aim high. Say thank you to people and actually really mean it ask for help when you need it and put chipped bone away at the dinner table. Right now and listen to. Now I'm sorry I don't there is anything wrong with what she said it's what all our mothers in our grandmothers take. And let our dads say we expect something like why didn't think about it. That way you were talking about the next leaders of the free world and you. If you'll fall away during dinner break at all you're gonna say is like job dad. I've got you know if you want to see an inspirational. Graduation speech look at Jim Carrey's speak graduation speech at whidbey most inspirational things ever completely different take on you can look up a thousand different speeches. And have more inspiration then that another city Portland in the house make sure there's no water running. And why deodorant. And also feed your dog. Until shrug. These are things I would realize just having graduated from USC. I know that what you tweet and post an instant ram. Today might be asked about in a job interview tomorrow again all flying bullets you lead just where did you watered a deal what did you want Oprah did you at this commenced I heard it like get down there. Everybody. Bad. Yeah. Paula and as soon. Old rob will we see her space and she did this month's journal she's Oprah she sort creek food on the you want. Seriously no Bluthenthal boom years ago ten gores me on the Oprah yen stemming cleanup yet that was doesn't. You know that goes down based general the speech maybe that or maybe I've literally went zone program. Which is only needing. Find a rich woman who once you rumor you're all right scratch that are now. And some over try harder next time.