Operation Santa's Elves

Tuesday, November 14th

Operation Santa's Elves are providing trees to military families and needs your help! Click here for more information on volunteering


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Our phone number is 61957. No number 1973. So we're going to Rihanna who is the head Els. This. Morning good morning Rihanna tell us what you guys are doing an about you organization. I'm on in Miami good morning so. Operate at that felt it just kind of campaign I mean that we created around a community that's you pop open to repudiate Al. Where we are donating and usually the goal would donate 900 Christmas trees. Active duty military and veterans in India now. Well you know we kind of went live we thought we treat every error remember going oh my gosh it can't Turco off. And it becomes such an overwhelming response that we ordered more Christmas tree so now we're giving away 1350. Creek who treat the military amateur and gay guy. I'm the event is taking place on Saturday December 2 from Puerto ninety him. That's right electronic parking lot in these Diego it to freeway. We get cited you do you all want at a comparable at that Cuba be out helped the shortage hit we got a deejay music. We've got a car show we've got mr. McCann can't cry I mean I mean we made that something that we really want Stanley to come and enjoy we have over. 126. Treat that this that this morning have been my error. With over 2000 people that weren't competing attendees that the that not ever going oh my god to. We need I read I everywhere rain we need people to come and help the community do something great and we have station that we keep on her to people that checked in at. That family to repeat the ticket to get our tree. People don't wanna sell you mean my god are you. And and also for people that. Just want to simply be there and think I can leave and think the military treaty or start it felt kind of needs is a lot of people that come. And we are talking I hope to a lot of people so you wanna help out this great event and see some members and thank him heroes who serve our country human Christmas tree. A you can go to our kissel and FaceBook page and clink to volunteer click click the volunteer on the link or clink if you're lazy guy. Kiss on FaceBook page.