One Second Cinema - September 19th, 2017

Tuesday, September 19th


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Its name and oh. Let's go to Del Mar where Nathan probably is still picking up after the blew a path a path that I didn't how's it going well. I'm doing all right what do real well bloody B a 12 is cinema for you listen to this clip hopefully get the lead right off of that happened before and ethnic. Have to ask me nice and again. Have to ask me nice. What's your guess on that 12 cinema. At night if there. I have no idea soundly including moving. Okay is not that is not right let's go to Janet in Oceanside. Janet listen up to your won its second cinema have to ask me nicely. And again have to ask me nicely with Jen was our 12 cinema today. About god I have no way Fiat people of one out of gasoline or not. And we don't want are doing it. Steffi your injury hasn't about my. And no sorry I oh it. If it's why you said no warden. I I I'm I can't even I can't even I don't know. I've they have a guess about who your fear producer is not know. Thanks we'll amber and poly high ever here's your 12 cinema have to ask me nicely and again you have to ask me nice all right what is your guess on our 12 cinema. No. I am. And then you won't want. That's a good guess but it's not right. OK let's go to crystal crystal listen up tier 12. Cinema have to ask me nice. And again you have to ask me nice I'll what you want second cinema guess. It is not the top five. I do like how people are thinking about movies where someone who was making that statement maybe isn't the nicest person which is good I got a couple clues now. Our previous guests was a wolf of Wall Street the actor saying this in that movie star in a movie called wolf. How's that I guess I don't render him grow and this movie was on TV recently spoke at Alabama for. 1957. Known number 1973. In three minutes we'll come back and have more of your 12 cinema gases when John and Jimmy. And KS ON. Sale and all. I was wrong about us be very easy one today. Little harder but that's OK he's good John and leaks I hate John. Lakeside page on. I don't do well helplessly once the incident here we go there has been nice and again they ask me nice. What is your gas for 12 cinema John. Let me give it meant. Yeah movement taking vipers and now I'm way out late mind. We have all the transfer orders to want. To have to ask me nice curious as. Nicholson used cloaked in the movie now. But a movie full of awesome quote I want said Saturday morning I couldn't get out of that I was guys which is due on that movie economic now I'm watching this movie that that much it's so good man because you knew it. You will be getting a pair of tickets to go see Lee Brice. Thursday September 28. At the house concerts in the park. Enjoy that man you earned it does over 101000 tickets and kiss.