One Second Cinema - October 31st, 2017

Tuesday, October 31st


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Seeing all. 619570. Number 1973. Happy Halloween up Monique in El Cajon. Yellow and new now I think this is really difficult this time but John give a big clue right off the bat that. Today's day will be a big influence on what we're playing for you for 12 cinema. All right here we go this is a tough one for you today first of all because you're the first person second of all because a little bit of a tougher clue prince is just very angry with me and I'll think about the gay and even give you another clue after that before you hear anything. This is a fun Halloween movie all of that are and even fun hocus pocus the final following it up. While looking at the Disney didn't make this one through that area 12 Sonoma. And again I. Okay what do you think that 12 cinema clip in its. I don't sound like they're buying and. And bring yes that's a good guess who were in the right theme not correct old Chris still in paradise hills crystal happy Halloween. Here comes your 12 cinema and irony give a clue. As the theme obviously it's Halloween. We. And again. What do you think that 12 cinema clip is. You won't quit and look at focused. I'm very well I'm glad you throughout thing. But it certainly isn't much scarier than hocus bogus yes definitely. 61957. No number 197. Furry. One of the most iconic. Horror movies normal time is that is now and and I seen this one but it was hard in the beginning with Hillary you're liked all 567 seconds and you get a bank. It's a little tough you just got to listen really closely. Back he is in Carlsbad hey we're gonna be in Carlsbad Friday for John Jamie's food fun. Village kitchen and I shall we hope we can see you there. Our. Aperture spot anyway I'll listen up tier one in this. Seconds cinema. And again. Halloween themed horror movies. It may mean. How cool yeah and what would we be easy today. Yeah I know an iconic horror movie. In the same style of Halloween and that's the only more it's the only cool way to give until we go to break which is right now we come back more of your guesses iconic Halloween movie. Super scary one more club. It's one box of sequels okay cool all right we're back or get a lot normally drop watches your uncle John. We got back more B one seconds and I guess is what John and Tammy and can someone. NCAA and our. Kim is in Holloway happy Halloween Kim. Well all right listen up 01 seconds cinema. And again. What did you 12 cinema guests. I. Obama. That's really good that's really good it is not the right one now when you thought tomorrow Lauren was your back to your fans in Mexico might be an end up in my Lochte us. Serena is 11 drove good morning Serena happy Halloween Julia. The net minding yeah yeah. I'm well thank you your composure once second cinema club. And again. Serena what is your 12. Cinema I guess I'm. They did that and happy. Isn't nightmare on elm street on this Halloween day. OK okay. Absolutely as a young guy in high school and I was in grade school and I really cool I know I so watched it. I've freaked. By regulating pet that it might wind at a bit like the don't have nightmares. Oh my dad my dad well. You don't Eric hello and hearing now again. Ellis do you wanna grip prize we have a pair of tickets for the Debbie Debbie. Basically 12 suit might have agreed Halloween.