One Second Cinema - October 17th, 2017

Tuesday, October 17th


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Saying no. Let's start things off with Ryan impeding the morning Ryan. Good morning are a ride you're going to be the very first person to hear that one to second clips that you have the hardest job. But listen up to your 12. Cinema. There are certain Neal and again there are certain rule what do you think that 12 cinema is. Who's the child Lou. Let's see. No I don't have a good yeah. Are are. Deal with the millions of movies out it's weird library you just cause yes it's a green trees and done is go to Natalie in Scripps ranch Natalie listen not hear wine. Second cinema there are certain. Hole and again there are certain school Natalie what's your one seconds in the league yes. He's not correct that thank you for guessing Cody in this terrorist entity Cody. Good thank you for asking you come to 12 cinema now there are certain pool. And again there are certain rule what Asian gas for 12 cinema in. No idea I would you know. Barak feels it's hard line it's our until. You get people who knew well until you keep in mind to what time of year it is holders clue you get a clue OK all right let's go to Adam in north park Adam listen up here 12 cinema are certain. Cool and again there are certain. Little. Them what you want seconds and gas. Our men I have no idea. So I think it's time for another clue besides just what time a year it is aren't there have been. Several sequels made for this movie okay that's a good clue that's a good claw I mean this time of the here. And and this movie. This Luis barked so yeah Hollywood marriage okay they're divorced now but still they still love okay. RA while that's a lot of clues about we'll have to wait and see where we come Macs still these tomorrow. Are all right but it's or movie hello yeah our. Lawyer guesses for 12 cinema Jon and 10 in the morning Cindy who's number one for new country KS ON. Saying no. All right Doreen and as you've heard the clues. Here's your 12 Sonoma there are certain rules and again there are certain rule what is your guess for 12 cinema. I. Who would not a good guess though I got to certain rules for funny the guy you know not correct but it gets the first. Personally don't talk about my coverage and I don't. I wouldn't listen not to your 12 cinema there are certain. School and again there are certain school Noel what's your 12 cinema guests. The movie screen the movie screen you are so. He hopes that one must abide by an order to successfully survive off RO. Sydney and. It's easy yeah yeah exactly exactly. You'd get it you guess the 12 cinema on that means you have to. Passes for the haunted hotels. I don't know there are certain rules to survive and numbers they'll be right back and what clue give it away for him. And meant a quote I actually that was a very scary movies that I ever want and really it. The ice the in the entire spring and try and I guess I did remember your. Mean in Atlanta bureau telling them that there are rules them. They didn't guy is locked away saying all the. Yeah perfect spyware as a role for the haunted hotel don't let anybody say your name in that place because then they know it's and they'll come Matthews I learned from experience. And a bit and. Everything is made a couple of duration thank you for playing and winning 12 similar John Tammy I can't Selanne.