One Second Cinema - November 7th, 2017

Tuesday, November 7th


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Yeah see you know. Amanda is in national city the dreaded first contestant. At at at and 1:2 cinema good morning. As you know probably the easiest slot to pull here but best of luck to you anyway it's been done before. There's so we'll see listen up here 12. Cinema. Colonial. And again or colonial or not you're one seconds of the league yes. I have no idea Clinton my actual movie out there. On court. Zone we're still a good guess in this and then he. It did sound ged. State you and me and ever if you don't know just toss them yeah you never know. You never know we have somebody actually tossing DSL and win once that way all right we're going to Galen El Cajon all right Gail listen up tier one in the second cinema. Colonial. And again. All right Gail what's your one seconds at the moment I don't know I'd. You wanna throw I guess out. I don't know artists don't talk yeah. From the idea thanks you bet. 619570. Number 1973212. Cinema here's Josh in Chula Vista good morning Josh listen up tier 12. Cinema. Colonial. And again. Colonial and not just once again and again as what does it. Here. I am giving that I think guys will have a harder problem with this movie and the girls. He maybe maybe but I am the only guys I know saw this movie a lot of guys love this myself all right man. Let's move on to Chris in CNT good morning Chris. Listen up tier one seconds cinema. Colonial and again Chris. Colonial and not pricier ones against them I guess. Much. Is it bridesmaids. Whether it's I have enough to ordinary anti colonial did not the way the woman honestly I thought it. And look at the moment yeah. Yeah. You are absolutely. Right it was bridesmaid I thought maybe guys wanna get YE. I have a sense of humor to the way that chick flick and Chris congratulations you know. For winning a wine that second set them not we're gonna set you up with a pair of tickets to join us this Sunday. For John attain his hometown hero crews on the horn blow work done. We're gonna celebrate our hometown heroes is going to be the lose they'll be bruised they'll be music we're gonna snacks and appetizer it's going to be fantastic live music would moon dog and friends featuring John Flint gain enough. I've they'll see out there to explain once that incident and a shot or get.