One Second Cinema - November 14th, 2017

Tuesday, November 14th


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Decision. I'll guess that things outlook Monique in El Cajon Monique you our job is somewhat more difficult and everybody else's because you are first contestant this morning. On 12 Sonoma good luck to you now. All right listen up tier 12 cinema are gonna stage five clear and again. I got to stage five clear Monique what's that one seconds and gas. As I told. I even think they're looking up but. Only than our moon. Erotic yes I'm neither party. Are you gonna kick yourself what year and she's in Polly and you welcome a 12 cinema here we go. I got a stage five clear and again I got to stay far clear and she what is your guess for 12 cinema. I don't know I don't think not good health. Not right that's right did you. Iceland was a speech by. That crystals and welcome crystal welcome 12 cinema here is your one seconds in the clip art at a stage five clear. And again by that stage five clear what is your guess for 12 cinema. Maggie and I from a movie out. Well they give or take her throat I guess I'll that is not right to a Star Trek obvious indices like cling on outright at Christian is an NC as Christen your composure was second cinema clip. We're gonna stage five clear and again by that stage five clay a Christian what is your guests for 12. Cinema. Oh my god. And I. Yeah I thought this to be easier to get people don't you know what you like already locked up. All right a Fuller a 619570. Number 1973. K peppers and clues okay a bloody comedy film Luke my. Very quotable Yasser very quotable your million alum are. I think that's good enough because I think what you'll hear it they're gonna get into more of a dude. Movie than a chick flick Paul I don't know I think it's both okay. All right in three minutes more or your guesses for one the second cinema with John Tammy I guess so I'm. Saying no. All right Matt in Holloway. Welcome back to 12 cinema the closing Casey didn't hear a buddy comedy film very quotable you've probably seen this five times here we go. I got a stage five clear and again you are gonna stage five clear what is your 12 cinema yes. What exactly. Is that wedding crashes Matt Wright and Carlos we got a lot of you're probably gonna stage five clear mind. Did you hear what I just said you took the stage five virgin cleaner. Let's go on a stock car series Cisco. You look at movies so much you are dead on Johnny and that means you want a family four pack of tickets to the fall season at Del Mar thoroughbred club wouldn't. Also want to let everybody know this Saturday is college days at Del Mar soapy show your valid student ID you get free track admission plus access to that. College to a party the red star cafe on our corporate it and that do we want a sequel to waiting pressures are the perfect as it is I don't know prepared we are pretty good there it is it is at the end for talks have heard rumblings of what else has come out and see that uniter. And yet that's going to be disappointed and hurt. It. Mother meatloaf take him out. Very.