One Second Cinema - May 15th, 2018

Tuesday, May 15th


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Well let's go to Glenn also an Imperial Beach branch Amber's never. When you're coming our second because you once again cinema. And again I remember bewitched has already been guessed what she wants a consuming yes. A little thing. Nominal and Soviet. Romeo and Juliette could guess but that is not right will go to Vanessa in Chula Vista or good morning Vanessa listen not to your one. Second to cinema clip. And again I know that right Vanessa what she wants a consuming yes. Well oh. She obviously enough pop up I will do which is well there you gotta which I am sorry but that's so ordered Jon and lakeside John loosen up your 12 cinema clip. I know that. And again I know that. John very tough today what you once again soon against. Actually how. Blast from the past. Not all right movie itself is a blast from the past all around so give us a call 8332871037. Visits top hole is a horror movie. Which you cult horror movie. Yeah can you really sure. But not slash or hormone more of like oh my gat was going on here or a movie I get 8332871037. I sit horror. Movie. I get a 3328710371. Seconds and your calls next week John and Tammy. A 1037 gay has done a whole thing Coronado cold welcome of 12 semi here comes your 12 cinema to let. I know that and again. I know that I couldn kind of a horror movie the thing we ask what your guests are. I don't know that I have no idea I don't know what is your thought I don't. Okay all their ego that's gas is all right grammys in San Marcos Tammy get ready your composure 12 cinema clip I know. And again I know that Tammy what is your guess for 12 cinema. All okay no it's not shocked he. Not hidden in a we're still him OK honey. Again it is a horrible but not a slasher film I just eerie horror movie idea is that pencil thriller type out a crazy person oops oops at the hi Kelly look at a 12 cinema get ready here comes your 12 cinema clip I know and again I know that. All right what's your 12 cinema guests. It meant theory it is needed to misery. I know that mr. I'm still you know all right you are. Hurry Oscar. Performance. Yes that they Yani Annie Wilkes right not to get stalled in her hometown and absolutely not and just forgetting that right you're gonna get a four pack of tickets to see your San Diego Padres take on the Miami Marlins. On Monday may 28 for playing 12 cinema. You Kelli thank you play 12 cinema with John attending.