One Second Cinema - March 20th, 2018

Tuesday, March 20th


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Seeing all. Are hosting this how well can you name a movie based on just 12 of hearing it's audio. Let's see how you do Paula is in Spring Valley hi Paula. Here we go here comes your won the second to sit and listen up and good luck I know you talked about and again I noted touched my. Paul what's your guess for 12 cinema. Told you guys. Sound insane do you realize that. He should be medicated. I know you talked about some sense and I hear that mop admit that I use. Use the light it's odd that. Campbell say to you both say it well yeah here. You need me and I. Call me a little more on. You can't get so quickly. Yeah. The nerdy like yesterday I. Because we know ahead of time what we're gonna do and last night when I was going to bat I saw that step Brothers was playing on cable and Mike problem. And I wonder this maybe isn't gonna time. Radio from Colorado off the bat and one other time yeah probably got some time to feel so polished or you. I anyway honey you're gonna you're gonna love your prize we're gonna such a with a pair of tickets have been Diego lion food festival is going to be at liberty station. On April 14 with over 300 wine and food samples from some of San Diego's top chefs. Are you that so much everyone else can get their pre sale of India go tickets com and you'll save ten dollars by entering from a coaching us a win. One the second cinema maybe the quickest in history data. John intently I want poultry seven KS ON.