One Second Cinema - March 13th, 2018

Tuesday, March 13th


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8332871037. This is the most unique 12 cinema we've ever done I think so too not only Casey morning Casey. You are first contestant this morning it's always a bit more difficult but it has been done before here is your first. Chance at 12 cinema good luck. And again. What is your 12 cinema guests. Tall man. Tricycle days to. And Greek musical let him. Do you only by the way. Are a little closer than you might even imagine that's like you say right now is that guess which was high school dance to okay. All right we're going to camber we can't he said stuff Camry in mission valley. Listen up to your won the second cinema. And again. Andrea what you want seconds in the guest. I met a guy I don't have big LA. At that. That is not right so let's move on to Jordan in Imperial Beach Jordan listen up you 12. Cinema. And again. Jordan what she wants seconds and again us. And it and now my god but it. It is not what liberalism. OK okay it was a close this so far even though we didn't exist. He said high school dance to look at the clue Morgan is in San Marcos Morgan becomes one seconds in the guest. And again. Org and 12 cinema what does it. Terminator. Yeah. I. Palin I don't. Go to raves and it is not terminate or any NBA right now in order to win the John Connor can bust a move it. Lingering Rachel loyal biracial. I. Rachel it's not terminator and he's that was your guests here is your first article a shot at 12 cinema. Are very elegant but again. And again. Rachel what is your 12 cinema guests. It. It is not only can it's not space in my we're getting a little closer and him remember Casey said a dance music I'm does that dance music to. Think about the two. Okay that's the clue I'm going to give you okay. 8332 grades 71037. More of your guesses with 12. Cinema coming up John and Tim in the morning I'm wolf 37 KO Selanne. All right. Part two of 12 cinema we go lakeside singing born to marry marry here comes. You're 12. Cinema clip. And again. What is your one seconds and I guess Mary. Steamy in ninja turtles do. Is it teenage mutant ninja turtles too. Oh yeah. Actually was the terminator knows. Perhaps we will accept. It will also exempt from teenage mutant ninja turtles to the secret of the lose either way. And well done that Mary antley. The question that bring back as many wonderful memories as it did for producers have a producer jazz who both right now. Yeah you do the go ninja go ninja goalies I. Well great now Peter Bernard decide is so how old were you when that movie came out. Me and I want probably like twelve. Oh my gosh how cute how cute you were some more on what you are important premier did nothing more. Icy. Don't go. A hard time grasping the lyrics. All right Mary you did get 12 cinema corrected you're gonna go see Brad Paisley July 20 that Matt Harris firm ample theater. Every man every demo and. There aren't any. All right Brad Paisley tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 AM industry monarchy is when loyal listeners could resell code on Thursday nice job Mary thanks a winning. And the know.