One Second Cinema - June 19th, 2018

Tuesday, June 19th


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You pay people to do when you sing along with the John. If you sing along with that perfectly why we pace what I also know we can't you do mentally. 833287. Little 37. Let's see how you do this morning with 12 cinema John intently in the morning no we always quote movies left and right but 12 can be pretty tough first are gonna go to Jessica in Claremont. Jessica listen up to your won that second cinema quote. Ten didn't tell. And again ten didn't tell marriage Jessica what's this one seconds and McClintock. Uh oh gosh let's talk I mean it out of their thingy. He's a pretend you didn't die. Oh. Ellis is a good gas or out of gas that's so we like that are gonna go to Chelsea aunts and South Park Chelsea listen up tear won its second cinema. Ten people and again. Ten didn't. Are Chelsea. What you want tickets and yes. Okay Melissa Long Will go to Shannon Shannon's Anelka home Shannon here comes your 12 cinema clip. Ten people. And again ten didn't. Are at CNN. What she wants or doesn't in his arms. Well. Yes but not right we've done super red already this during 12 Sonoma this is a classic comedy out older movie I hump go to Diane in normal height hi Diane. Here comes around 10 AM and I think owning owning up to conjure 12 clip. Ten people. And again. Ten didn't. All right Diane you're jumping at the bit here with going up. Our problem at all. All right Betty yes he's a good guess it is a classic comedy. This isn't as classic of a comedy as caddie shack is. A for those who are really listening to the clues yet it also co started to. Big stars at the time who are nowhere to be found now how's that for a clue meringue it's. Upsets they're really good call 833287103712. Cinema. Prospective Cheryl Cheryl here comes your 12 cinema clip. Ten didn't. And again and didn't tell all right Cheryl what she wants a consuming yes we can't Ernie is at weekend at Bernie's let's listen. Did anyone ever disrespect from the rankings which now goes to maintain his. Why don't we just ten didn't. Pretty sandy didn't die panic through currency at a time one of the hottest actors on the planet. Figuratively and literally and the other dude Jonathan Silverman writes was his name to the guys right now BBC and right next thing I know there weren't a. I good job honey and that means you have a family four pack. Of tickets to the bulls only rodeo you'll be going Friday July 13 at the lakeside rodeo grounds and indymac bank and off at all. That that doesn't have a great time Cheryl you know.