One Second Cinema - June 12th, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th


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Start things off with a grenade in city heights for one that second cinema anybody can. Here a segment from a movie in identify what that movie is however can you do in 12 alright listen not tier 12 of audio. And again. Or I grenade what is your 12 cinema guests or Iraq or is that Jurassic Park. And you ask a question right now and how in the sweet name of god did you note. And I just watched it we always had a big game. Why now. It's not usually usually we can never stump John he's really really good at this game and he was like I have no idea I just watched the original Jurassic Park last week it was not one of the movie channels. And I mean it. And we've ever given for this game. I'm gonna I'm blown away congratulations. And gave me you made this an. A very easy ones cinema this morning but unfortunately as these things tend to happen sometimes we got nothing planned for the rest of the show. I. Was a little early early but so we're still so it's okay back at actually it. I would burn it what about April oh. Okay so often if ever I think I. Here's a fun fact about that clip cocaine it act it's a closer raptor. But this sounds they used to make the vote got the loss of raptors sound. Is actually the sounds of tunnels making love oh that's right I heard about adding it was I heard about the super nerd. I recently got into it I can't remember what it was on but we're like really turtles but you're right you have to seek a all right. Okay do you have a fair tickets to see an ego international beer festival happening this weekend. For winning one that second cinema boarding it's. While banking banking Renee thank you it's the ball to stop during the summer 101000 tickets were John and Jenny of 137 KS joining Aaron.