\One Second Cinema - July 17th, 2018

Tuesday, July 17th


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332871037. Let's got. Once it's gonna contestants lined up and play 12. Cinema. Lou for a little while you now at a time as an alcoholic John. Do well thank you for asking your comes you won that second to cinema. Dollars through jail and again. Nets or it always is Jill Merritt John bush wants it in the. Which one. First. It's not the first one. So I just gives you sodomy and show. Sorry it is an Bell Centre Shawn. I'm doing well I hope you're paying attention here comes your 12 cinema clip always prove who killed. Again we do very always true jail. All right Sean once you once considered again as has been narrowed down quite a bit. On not yet come out it goes. Against the I don't want. And. Is that ghost busters to. I know. And there's always room. Jill there is ghostbusters two did me feeling exceptionally charitable today although John did put a door that pretty good guess right up the baton. Sean it up it was nice I didn't know how to answer it like Richard ghostbusters and Knoll or that probably be a model. And I wasn't gonna clusters. But it didn't give it away. John congratulations valves. That brain teaser got you something sweet for or the summer 101000 tickets. Sean sorry Tim he's been drinking apparently now oh my gosh since it's from that at all. Leave Haiti it's already submerged there was good to customary Morris. RA organization with a appeared to have to go see her OK. I think you saw. And I didn't reasons are these that he couldn't do without it in which isn't Ali is less. It'll look and oh boy could have should look. Listen she's the only. But I haven't seen you laugh as hard a long time it's accurate record was that all right so which one. Okay I'm gonna after the scary as hell I didn't really can't control the show here so they realize that okay that's pressed that button that plays music thank you. Time to continue into the homes well Sammy do you do. Miles a city with a one. Seven K and so knows.