One Second Cinema - February 20th, 2018

Tuesday, February 20th


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And seeing you know. Being mean in that Chula Vista good morning Jamie. Try to get into point Jamie. All right here's the tough part you are the first person to play 1:2 cinema this morning and edit clip and then we'll take your guess okay. All right Jamie can you want seconds in the insults and it our all and again or insults and it our all our idea when you're 12 cinema guests. And around. It's that the heartland little Apple's. Guess I'm budget through and now it's not little rascals but interest income homes have been direction for that first guess let's go to Colton in Coronado Colton and listen up tier 12. Cinema gas. Okay insults and it at all and again there are incidents that they I don't know Colton what is your guests for 12 cinema. Man I have no idea. I don't know shootings panel looks. Sir the right direction I think I think you're right no not right Moulton thank you Debbie is an El Cajon good morning daddy. Here comes your 12 cinema gas or claim innocence and it at all and again for instance it at all. Which are guest Debbie. If bit. Miss Paris France home for peculiar children. That is an awesome movie by the way I just watched that recently it is fantastic to know what is not outline is Emma Thompson. No no I'll have to look it up it's a great movie but that's not yet yet Clinton mission valley boy and Jacqueline. Here comes your 12 cinema that. So they are called me again for instance it at all Jacqueline what is your guess for 12 cinema. And it too early break and. And I'm gonna. I'm glad that you asked okay. This is a movie. That's main theme of is very relevant. In today's boarding area like the Olympics. Parents though are. Treated fairly and everything else immediately after showing Adam yes and so here we go. And so stupid error while targeting what she wants thickens in the guess. I don't know I was ally. Not to stand lines all right so let's go to Brandi in north park pretty listen up to your won that second Cinemark Clint for instance it at all. Again they're insults and it at all Brady 12 in the league yes. It elite a lot of bill. Now we bought a zoo but it does definitely do with an animal. That. At love source yes OK I'm sort of Ellison kids' movie rain we know that it's kind of relevant as to what's going on right now at the Olympics at least one specific sport and it does include an animal. That's. Pretty hairy I was. And in a way more one seconds and gas is in three minutes. CN com. Game. We've got into overtime. To him. And good Kimberly universities and high Kimberly looked and of 12 Sonoma. Get ready here comes your 12 cinema clip. For instance and it at all and again I insults and it our all our Q would your guess for 12 cinema at that proper. Not hopper's penguins. It is not we go now to Nicole a tough one today Nicole and they'll Sarah your composure one seconds in the clip. Insults and it at all and again for instance and it at all I'm Nicole what is your guess for 12 cinema. It. Is that the Mighty Ducks. Orthodox. Ready district five sort of stupid number ten instance and it animal. You know Peter. But the guy is one of the most noble actually intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom. Ahead. It's a kid absolutely the Olympics are the theme with the hockey thing US hockey did win today to move on mace and did. Hello all all overtime was a school teacher and the animal was in there well done Nicole as coach Gordon would hate quack quack quack quack. Ads you out a pair enough fourth row to go to the W Debbie. 26 at valley view casino center. I am being here out of your. Her welcome think to play 12 cinema John Taylor in the morning. A 1037 KSO.