One Second Cinema - December 19th, 2017

Tuesday, December 19th


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CN com. Amber is an El Cajon amber welcome it's who won the second cinema you re try this out. The meaning you can listen here 12 Sonoma. Time and again. I want you 12 cinema guess. I know that's truly a cartoon. Lou I have no idea. On drug guests here or my time. Is it's the Christmas spirit I guess OK okay. Hi. Now let me okay all right thanks again beating you. We're gonna go to Jeanne who's downtown Eugene do listen up to your 12. Cinema clip. And the yen and. What is your one seconds in the guest now. I'm an immigrant. Is it the grinch. My daughter in law. And you people not prove this true. Whom Mary and I. Today and how the grinch stole Christmas but we all know is the grandson. It and it's Christmas congratulations you did then they jade in and all of a little easy this time you know kind of a holiday gift and you have a pair of tickets to the scene Diego international auto show. Going on December 28 through January 1 at the San Diego convention center all right thank you.