One Second Cinema - December 12th, 2017

Tuesday, December 12th


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Saying oh. Those leases in the Spring Valley morning alias at my routine all right you heard the clue I hope. Christmas movie that your kids probably shouldn't be quoting. All right this up as 12 cinema clip I'm always happy in her hand again I'm always had a thing for our. What is your guess for 12 Sonoma police. I didn't connect guy out there a bit o'clock. The Santa clause. That is not right right things or sign though OK let's go to Sherry in El Cajon high Cherie. All right listen up tier one in the second cinema clip out of my head and her. And again I've always had a thing for our kids should not be quoting this Christmas movie what's your guess for 12 sentence. And yeah. Christmas with the cranks the good gets very good very incorrect Alex is a La Mesa Alex. Hey man with sub tier 12 cinema clip. I've always had things are and again I'm always had a thing for Alex what is your gas for 12 cinema and the movie your kids should never be quoting here. Those pacers to. Scrooge with Bill Murray good yes. Is not correct okay Hillary is in CN team Hillary you listen up to your won that second cinema Hamas had been hurt and again. I've always had a thing for our kids should they're recording this Christmas movie Hillary what's your guess for 12 cinema. Is it dad's into no listen I had been her home. Danica. In case you didn't notice. And it. It. That is he one line that we can put the and a Santa. That didn't get us fired congratulations. It's a whole layer is analysts say a very heartwarming. But diary rated. Now my cuddly the last movie with a lately John Ritter yeah I know he's he's he's not and if he's so class can. Anyways there you have a team a four pack of tickets to the rating children's ice rink which is going on now through January 7 at liberty station. It extra play one seconds a Merry Christmas it's not.