One Second Cinema - August 8th, 2017

Tuesday, August 8th


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Sin. All right Cheryl El Cajon and unfortunately you're our first contestant this morning on 12 Sonoma unfortunately for you because it's harder. Since you haven't heard the clip yet. So listen up tier 12. Cinema. Giving tree here and again giving tree here Newton. What is your guests. Moment in. And I know he went through a movie out there. Now I don't have anything okay all right. Ankiel all right so let's go to Jamie in Chula Vista Jamie listen up tier 12. Cinema giving tree here and again giving tree here. All right Jamie what's your 12 cinema yes. It. It is not step Brothers again great idea though to go it just cost any will be out you never know ones in the correct answer. Natalie is an El Cajon Natalie check out your 12 to cinema. Giving tree here and again giving tree here what is your guess mentally. And only garage. I'm like gosh I have milk. I think it's time to give a clue yet what he has. Would you do you see any answer. Provides the voice and it's at a topical person yet right now have absolutely absolutely okay are. All right let's go to Sandra in lakeside Sandra it's a topical person saying this line that your clue for 12 cinema here ago giving tree here and again. Giving tree here what is your gas sunny. No I. Summer blockbuster. Yahoo! has a sequel already. And will we come back we'll take more of your guesses think about the clues this person who says his lines are topical right now. Summer blockbuster. Sequel this year. Your guess is. Only come back 12 cinema. John Tammy in the morning on San Diego's number one for new country KS ON. Seeing an all. All right you've heard the clues summer blockbuster sequel topical actor we would have Britney in lakeside Britney welcome of 12 cinema. Don't here's your clip from 12 cinema giving tree here and again giving tree here what movie is your gas signing. I think guardians of the galaxy. Is it guardians of the galaxy. That's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that what is wrong with. Giving tree here and who. That that that that Brady congratulations with the closing gave away are you desist order of about Chris pregnant with our final for the rest of us are. And yeah all well let's make you happy up your ticket to the coastal country G answering Billy crank it happens this Saturday. At Huntington state beach in Orange County you're gonna how barbecue options beach bars all kinds of great stuff. All right enjoy that it's the summer 101000 tickets a bonus stop Brady did it basically 12 cinema.