One Second Cinema - August 7th, 2018

Tuesday, August 7th


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Santa. I summer at 101000 tickets bonus stopped 8332871037. The let's start off of Jenny and he'd be good morning Janney. All right so here's the deal. You have the difficult job because you're the first person to hear 1:2 cinema this morning if you can get it that's great best of luck you know it's happened before. But don't feel bad if you just can't quite grasp that after only here at one time okay. All right listen up tier 12 cinema Clinton in the never seen me experience. And again never seen me there. So Jenny what is your 12 cinema gas. Is it hard and I really don't know. Another big yard. Or not. I'm just gonna get it center. Incorrect one thank you though seeing another round of that let's get to this Alex Tennessee Jahri. It becomes a one seconds and McClintock. We never seen me thanks. And again the never seen me there helps balance what you want to do cinema guest. She broke down is she correct couldn't stand experience. Kitrey you've never seen me through. So in the takes it super cooled chewing gum that's also a bomb and throws it against the fish tank it breaks. Alex nice job. You've got the right Mission Impossible movie done. The most recent. I am not likely not yet. Yeah I wanna see it too I've seen every one of them probably you know. X I thought. Females in particular don't much care for Tom Cruise anymore I don't know that I wanna hang out Tom Cruise is a person but I love his Mission Impossible there you go. Alex he did it's a union the 12 cinema movie that means you get a four pack of tickets go to blown dunes country fest. Which is happening at a hard rock hotel downtown August 19. I. How well played thank you for playing Mission Impossible. I'm starting to play a split second slid a lot. In this case it was Mission Impossible during wants tickets and joined him in the morning.