One Second Cinema - August 29th, 2017

Tuesday, August 29th


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Saying you know. 12 syllable begins we go to air in San Marcos Taylor and. Aryan OK you have the distinction of being the first one which is always the toughest spots. But we'll see how you do in 12. Cinema. Here comes a clip it's not going to happen. Yeah again it's not going to happen. What is your 12 cinema guess. And. I have. And pretty and. Oh good guess but not the right one and again and always guess if you don't know because that's actually. Not right at the same genre. Let's go to Christa and alcohol McChrystal listen not to your 12. Cinema. It's not going to happen and again. It's not going to happen prison what's your once again and again this. I had a week. We need are. Mean girls at Santa. It's Christian stop trying to make that happen it's not going to happen unbelievable. Yeah. It's gotten a little bad that pretty cat are you kidding me. Back and not. You'd always mean you picked the movie I don't now welcome the movie rock Stallone who had a my leg yeah. It isn't chick flick so yeah it is an alarming though I've seen mean girls probably about 25 times earlier. This really didn't even go there. Does that mean you lose your man courage and a I don't know Chris what I think maybe it's kind of cool a mile two daughters watch his meeting girls who knows what's going on would you not agree. And that changes the main card instead. Thank you. All right not a good job you won 12 cinema and we're gonna say it should with a pair of tickets to the Del Mar thoroughbred club. Krista remember stop trying to make that happen. Think your play one seconds in the month can sell and.