One Second Cinema - August 1st, 2017

Tuesday, August 1st


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Dancing you know. Go to. I certainly. Hope to. See if you can figure out this movie with 12. Of audio and 12 similar okay. Well done again and again the dumbing down on stuff it is all right when Danny what's your 12 cinema against cruel. There. Not ghostbusters shrugged and things of that mound all right let's go to Marco and Serra mesa Marco listen up 312. Similar clip. Saddam again and again. The dumbing down Marco what movie is that from. Oh or I would have to say. All right this week. Our jaws. But that's not the right one and I love when people distraught a movie in gasoline and go to Kelly and Hillcrest Kelly listen up cheer 12. Cinema. Put them again and again Kelly put on the done all right Kelly. Your one seconds in the mcginnis. I try to guess and. And I. I don't know. You have brought any movie I. Ever read more go to Danielle in CNT good morning Danielle and listen up tier one seconds cinema. The dumbing down and again the dumbing down Danielle what is your 12 cinema gas. Every week and I don't get the right LAL. Ot I. A hot spot at a. Okay all right yes. Congress has put on the gun zone god father when he guns and that from now right they'll all right enough includes Kelly all right sure all right first of all I guess this the for some hurt in a few guest column about what we know it's not a clue at all actually. A legendary. Movie that had many sequels okay all right let's go to select an Oceanside. So let's listen up to your 12. Cinema. The dumbing down. And again put on them. Celeste what's your 12 yes. It is not terminated but we're getting closer as far as. Iconic movies when we come back we'll take more of your 12 cinema guesses it's a legendary. Classic. Eighties movie I'll say my best ball and many sequels and popular mean character. Your guesses to our one seconds it'll continue a San Diego's number one for new country KS ON. Saying oh. A little more difficult this morning so here's some clues. For so maybe it's different because he's speaking in foreign accent. Classic move from the eighties spawned many sequels and a very popular lead character. Let's go to Jason and Linda Vista I'd Jason we want you to listen up to your 12. Cinema here read out slowdown and a. And again Jason the dumbing down Jason you've heard the clues you've heard that the one seconds in the clips what's your guess. Forward. It is not Star Wars so let's go to Parker in Kearny mesa Parker listen up to your wine and second cinema for them again. And again put on the gun. Parker you're 12 cinema guests. Is it die hard let's listen for them again. And give me mine that the news. A. Yes right and bonds Gruber action talking to John McClain achy Bruce Willis. Die hard is right well played my friend. It. All right and we are gonna set you up with a pair of tickets to see Billy Carrington. This Saturday after the races at the Del Mar thoroughbred club. You also have VIP wrist band which means you have access to the VIP concert area which includes the private bar a private bathroom. And Austin seating our men and it's the summer 101000 tickets congratulations and thank you for playing 12 Sonoma it you know.