One Second Cinema - August 14th, 2018

Tuesday, August 14th


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All right we'll see how this goes navy to receive free easier to take awhile while she really Tinny as what are a lot of heat everywhere they won't. We missed tons. Well what happened these argued they don't all right so let's go to Rachel and PB good morning Rachel. All right so listen not hear one seconds cinema clip that's tuna. And again it's tuna all right Rachel what is that movie for 12 cinema. He's not little schools the Q Rachel let's go to Michael lemon grove I'm Michael. I am all right listen up tier 12 cinema clip you just tuned up and again that's tuna. What is your guess for 12 cinema Michael we. There. Iraqi get this amp. It is not that that's a good got a really didn't ask. We all can tell that to kick good guess not right but let's go to Elizabeth and alcohol and Elizabeth listen up tier one a second cinema clip. It's two dollars and again that's tuna. Elizabeth what is your gas. I'm of that. The Little Rock schools too dang it I just can't take anything else. All right that he became a throw a movie okay aren't currently it's hard want it's quick and it's very and we all know that it's kids so that's a good start all right that's. Would welcome noticing the morning to see any good morning candy. And it all right listen not tier 12. Cinema clip that's tuna. And again that's tuna. What movie is that sandy. I'm going and where the bad news bears. Not the bad these dinners I like we're going you know a little older and we all know that it's a kid. So we're on the right track now we're gonna go to MG an Alpine MJ listen up tier 12 cinema clip. That's two and again that's two dollars and Jay what movie is that. I don't know yeah our current armor and are. Well that's not the right one all right we're gonna go to our next contestant Britney Brittany mix it up tier 12. Cinema clip. It's tuna. And again it's tuna. RA Britney what movie is that it better music than Johnny. Wounds 628. Acres that's two dollars plus tip teacher and I haven't got to start. It's sad time. And our site. All I got that classic movie I know we went back aways but I gotta tell you I saw a picture on social media the young girl. Wearing the T shirt that said I want my two dollars and my first thought was I but she does even know what that's about all right pretty view are you familiar with that movie a lot. I am my parents watch a lot of ultimately felt so little. Brittany Harry Smith. But I think born in 1990. So we ask for according to Britney we are old no I love that part of one of the most quoted movies from the eighties for short Britney congratulations. We're gonna give you fifty dollars to spend. At the GT and stores San Diego's number one discount store and also you can go online right now to receive a special 20% off coupon. Just by. Subscribing through email so even more money for you. Much steak you Britney for playing one seconds cinema I think you know.