One Second Cinema - April 24th, 2018

Tuesday, April 24th


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So you know. 8332871037. Let's do this I think you decide whether or not this from the super murders of breezy it's they were hard to tell. Let's see you do away Allen Imperial Beach first hot soup you'll be checking in this morning Allan good morning welcome of 12 cinema here comes you 12 cinema Clinton. And again. All right Allen for what she wants things and again as well. Home I have no idea let's go and NCAA. Oh. Don't Happy Gilmore had enough. Aren't meant to do more is a good guess yes Happy Gilmore has to do with a sporting events that specific scene in that movie. Is also we sporting events seem bizarre sport movie okay let's go to Glenn Imperial Beach when listen up to your 12 cinema. And again. Yeah all right Glenn which ones are consuming yes. And learn. Accordingly. And it's not. Your food and it's not a scary movie and not the sport let me know. Earlier gas out. All. Night long arm. Go to Lorna Florida is in Ramona good morning Lorna. In morning or also reminded had a real turned down when we come to you when you conjure one seconds in the guess he got it wrong and again. All right Laura what is your 12 in my answer. Not a or maybe you know. Okay Jerry Maguire. Dream one year. Is not right bill thank you for playing along I get this board got your mind to it yet get the sports thing on your mind for the clue current amber. Also an Imperial Beach good luck you can join thickens in the guest and yeah and again. And got it wrong who will. And it was a one seconds and yes. I'm not clue yeah. Are there may be some may give you include them okay all right this. Is. Someone that wears a costume. Okay that's a clue OK good knuckle I think if they go go to Natalie in lakeside Natalie listen up tier 12 cinema yeah. And again. And yeah Natalie what's your once again cinema guests. I. I got hit. And I'll cut them. Yeah custom. Group now are and all the Hulk is not the whole. But we're in the neighborhood. Right direction yes a Lauren Polly listen up she won second cinema. And again I got my name wrong. More and pollen would she once again cinema yes. He is it Spiderman. The Connecticut. Humans fighter. Shoots fighter. Yeah. I. Peter Parker that was the era that was the Tobey Maguire and Spiderman not to be confused the Andrew Garfield race Spiderman or the Dodd I've forgotten kids in the yeah. Spiderman I you. Tell you're and 12 cinema which means we have a family four pack of tickets for you. To bossi the Padres take on the nationals on May seventh. Nor is there. They are gradually sit out a year on song me and mainly and a. You don't OK you welcome enjoy that help thank you play 12 similar John's having one of 37 KS Selanne.