Not To Rub It In with Stacey

Friday, April 13th


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I know this makes a solid jerks and I don't care at Hulu is five of the ten coldest cities in America in my life and I have every right. We're hard to beat the San Diego interviewed him but you know what's funny is our friend Stacy is using very nice to see how nice. She is. Hi Stacey Jon Tammy here in San Diego aria. I'm Eric curry at worst super. Sure do miss you I meant the actual much. So we re thinking. As we are getting ready for our weekend 'cause it's going to be like he 85 to mow my goodness my sister library during his day yeah. I thought maybe we would go hang out by the pool and get some sign and it opt out yeah not. Not to rub it in Stacey we did understand that we've read somewhere that you guys have even more winter weather coming this this weekend as much as a foot of a fresh snow which is awesome in the middle of April. I not to write then we've got kind of the same struggle here I prefer fresh grapefruit juice. And my tree. As like to grab first laugh not to rub it in but I came in get fresh grapefruit juice are United's. Time now. Well I shot. Well you know I know you're having rain today and it's only in the thirties then it's gonna turn to snow by Sunday they'll hit the ice in between not only to rub it in Ohio not to rub it in Stacey that I have to tell you my ice maker was kind of on the Fritz and I actually had to go to the store. In my bag MIAs. I am saying to it was really kind of frustrating because it should be working on my fridge you know and having the doors open that beautiful breeze. We turn now policies and not to Robin we know a bad track again where I live when it winter comes you know now I need to try to be Tommy Topper here but yesterday I was on the final notes or reports blossomed guy's car and and caused ice god I don't causing us to be in traffic for a good twenty minutes thankfully the only thing that saved me was the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean to my right authority. I call. Top and you don't have to Robby in it because I know that you know everyone's tracking mud in everywhere is that rain now it's known that. Sooner with the durden concept equally attractive is seen from the beach on Monday on my so far or at least not the aren't all certainly. Here's plus a good start golfing this week you are not drilling about it it's almost a package you start to hurt older and all of oh my god scale of one to ten Stacy how much can you not stand us right now and yeah. I don't let you know.