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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the at a count San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. Service dogs have been proven to have the ability to improve one's life. I'm so many levels. Next debt service dog supports active duty military and veterans for various disabilities but taking the next steps forward. In their lives by assisting them in the training on the surface to joining us this morning is next steps service dogs founder and training director Sally my Trujillo. Assist in training director and director of marketing vinik he sold eight. Veteran client and trainer John Tipton and veteran and client Tripp Smith welcome Sally Gina John hand truck hello there. If that happened sir users next steps serves us when we talk about today. And this is your baby Sally Wright you are the founder and director of training. Saluted about. Next step. Next service starts is a nonprofit. And we train and help train starts for veterans active military first responders. For the following disabilities speech EST VI mobility seizures hearing. Our balance. Everything back guide in what what does that TV I. Traumatic brain injury can and how long as the organization that around half four and a half years now I've been training service dogs for about twenty years. And I left the Arab organization I was aware that restraint director there as well. After I worked with four different Marines accountant. Helping train. Darts fairer for their PT EST. And I sorrow not only the benefits of the tarps for these gentlemen but the huge need. For these Starks. For this particular disability. So my husband and I decided to postal money at a savings and start next service starts. Because it is the next step for many men and women when they get a dog gets them out of the house it. It calms them down it is Douglas many behaviors that helps them move forward and might take the next step. So my husband and I started the business what is what is the end the mission and the next step. To enhance the lives. Our military men and women veterans and first responders and how to move further and life. And there are a lot of different. Organizations like yours but yours is is a little different by it might that you you cater only to non military and and first responders. Correct and we specialize in and that group. Of people. It allows us to be very good at what we do how many years have you been training dogs. About 20/20 years this has always been what you've done he always been in the non profit sector or is nonprofit and service work correct and with service dogs correct. Now I understand that you also were have been an expert witness yes can I thought that. In a service dog court cases corrected kinda cases where these. Actually I've only represented. Businesses because there's many bogus dobbs. Out in the community they're going to stores and businesses that aren't trained and peopled by am best on Internet investors little cookies. And take Amanda stores and restaurants senator Dodd missed behaves. And when they're asked to leave. Then they sued the business. So my job is to evaluate whether I think it's truly a service stopped and whether it had had any merit whether an emeritus and what was it like can't do that. Actually kind of fun was it. Now give you one example are and I'm. There was one guy our out of and other states I don't get roped a specific care who had a had a little paired with something or rather. And what's the doctor's office and was letting the dog run around our off leash and the doctor's office waiting room including on the back of shares. And when she was asked to take her dark out she immediately went and got an aviation lawyer and suit and she are just. I was the witness. Now that it asked. And those those people that do that that's just it gives. Serbs stock isn't a bad name. Well now I have bad name we're finding out now we have a clients who was in a well known. Store a few days ago and he has a little service start which was a lab mix. Was attacked very German shepherd with a restaurant. And then he went to the VA. Few days later for his appointment and their two little terriers that went after his dark and when he complained. On the shepherd. The management asked the shepherd iron to the dugout but at the VA the terriers are not instantly. So I'm it's frustrating for people who generally have well behaved dogs. And need them. For specific reasons and then you have the general public. Who disrespect. Their tool because under the EDA and serviced office considered a tool like a wheelchair Cain it has value. So it devalues. The use of that dark. For a person with a disability. And it demeans. I think the mediate. Their their businesses that still need to be educated as well about service DOS because there are businesses that are still not letting them in. That's true that in our community San Diego. It's it's pretty well educated. I think it's also owe it puts businesses. And a bad right because they don't. They're afraid of a lawsuit so that our community my experiences they don't say anything. They more than likely or allowed die again and San Diego it's rare that I hear people aren't admitted in San Diego. But there are communities and share worse problem. Actually I remember I don't remember exactly when it was but it was within the last couple years here in San Diego that there was an instance like that and I know a couple people. That have service dogs. And I know somebody in particular that was asked to leave. But that's uncommon and gay community that's dark that's a common situation. So I personally have never been asked to leave. With training service stopped and if anyone be asked to Levy think would be mace out. It's for various reasons that we. As for their personal you know coach. A mess to leave local businessmen here. With my dog daisy and now. Pulled out my long car and I I tried to explain a BA ought to just local business. And I pulled up a La carte and showed them and try to explain to him day yes my daughter's allowed. Try to explain the difference between a service dog. Comfort dog or a therapy dog and net. My dog is a DA certified EDI certified and has a state assistance dog tag on from the state of California. And they kind of okay. You're OK but he wanted me to tie my dog out to a railing outside on the patio all watcher dog owner you long. You know solo I got pants but it all worked up. There's an 88. Isn't it weird to date the business is they're not they're not allowed to ask you or are there for for primary the 88 they're allowed. To ask you to different question it's OK. Is the dog for disability that yeah. Planned. Why does your dog do for you and the second question. Would really give view. I hit the words at a dogs actual sort of starter not in my view anyway are. There's a lot of people that have come for dogs out there who and that's great and there's therapy dogs out there that's why people take him hospitals and may be filled it that's awesome. What. Happens there is as those comfort docs and therapy dogs do not qualify. Under the ABA as the same rights as mine service on that or Acer herself you know like I can go on an airplane. With my dog in the cabinet. Technically speaking you're not allowed to. Well the interesting thing is we have assistant stark international. Which answer charities that governs our assistant stark organizations. That are charities around the world. And they set standards. For. Service starts right arcs except for a I'm minimum Stan standards and expect the organizations under their umbrella to exceed that under the AD day. The DARPA has to do one task. To help mitigate your disability. Under AD it's three or more so at some point. The federal or probably be changed because of so many bogus starter there that don't do anything. So that's what ADR is trying to get the feds to do that suggest and change the 88 standards. So there's more legitimacy to. Our parents and seems like this is something that's that's come about more recently. So call fake service dogs yes in this area. What we're looking it is. With tempo to me until closer announcements a lot of guys being deployed all the time. You see it more hear the song that and once while it was referred to its Julie more accepted here. But that's when you get to smaller businesses or wherever that don't really. You know think about these things that where people run into problem could be sad sometimes you know make him a guy. Got a house PT SV that is using not a good thing but. With the help of our dogs we've learned to mitigate that right right to deal with it a little bit better. Let's talk about your dogs that you that you do you train their debt next step. What do you get most of your dogs. We've been very fortunate this last couple years guide dogs of America which has been around fifty plus years out of Sylmar. And Los Angeles area. They've gifted asks where's career change Starks terrorists are allowed us to put. More dogs out faster than if we took puppies through the system. So we gifts. Dots anywhere performer year to two years from them that aren't good for guide work that are good for working dobbs. And we've been able to place them sooner and allow people to graduate and four months instead of waiting for dark grow up. Feel the dogs we have our rescue dogs again their little mark tough to to pick out because we don't know the history of the dark. We wanted to be successful we don't much like a problem dark and passed on to somebody. But we would own temperament test sheltered arts and a person's personal dock that they would like to use as a service start. We will temperament test that Dora the Secret Service were pre. If it's not then or offer wrap my embargo marks for clients interest. What's the difference then between a guy dog in a service dog. I cannot believe someone has blinder legally blind and means that has a vision problem and the state of California we can't touch. A person that has the vision problem. We can only do the service side. Guide dogs can't do our work so it's two different types of work that separated for our. Guide our work is very very important. But not every darkest suitable for the stress of being a guide for someone who has lost their site. But it works for us for instance at the dark is account answer. And your personal account site he can't see the dark steal your hand. Matter of person that can see knows how to be aware of that and the train to have not for dogs do that anymore. Foresee the dog doing it and re direct the docs out. It's two different kinds of disciplines. And because we used the same type Johnson both disciplines. Laboratory Goldman trailers and the mix of the two. Very few shepherds that Sam Shepard and standard poodles are right our sleeves a standard poodles and it allows us to. Reap the benefit of their breeding because they're breeding sows so good. And move the dog and our line at work so the dogs are working dogs that guide dogs breeds. It's just guide it's not. The dogs. Niche what we do the dark fits into our niche very well so. We're using their resource as. Which is terrific and it benefits that are. Are there any you mentioned a couple of different dogs types of dogs that you freaks that think that you use to anyone dog. Deaths that best suited for the work that you train for Monday's. Yeah. And what is. What is daisy. Daisy is a terrier mix okay is rescued off the streets. Marched. And I'll write about when she was one Euro. And she's two and a half now I started training whether. January 2015. Slow. Everything is on good you know life is I just burn about one. Why not right I don't Benson. Has that Labrador that leaves a lot abstinence. His personal dark in so easy who have silver Lance. So she was a picnic change. Between yellow or brown she started reader onto. She's about two years and six months so it's taken me about six months to deter her from. A house pet to me. That's service dog and it's been countless hours of just hard work with there so. Plus. She's a Bulldog she's not like daisy she's very hopeful. Hold from what I see yet it looks like you've done a great job with their well thank you wouldn't I wouldn't be possible without these guys so he has you know as I felt turn amusement and lots and lots of work. But is there any one dog breed that's that is easiest or best suited for. For what you elaborate doors and Labrador mixers. And golden golden access they have the perfect temperament usually for our work. Though lay quietly next to somebody but she asked them to do something or Johnny on the spot to do it for you and then I relax again. If the targets high energy and can't easily relax. And then pop up to work and relax again. It's staff. Labs are just. Their food motivated the youth clicker training in positive reinforcement. And and the labs have us a short very short learning curve. Spreading use and for guide dogs for those reasons I just mentioned. That doesn't mean and mixed breed or another breed can't do the same mark that's not true we can within us a small scope. In other words I have to have the temperament of a Labrador. Com lab and the willingness to want to learn and work. Giant Schnauzer is avenues for service that you be really good shepherds. Can be good service starts but they have to be a very mild temperament. Not all of them are bred for that so. Breeding is everything if the breeding have. I Dodd is for. Action are still work right agility and staff or for the military. Or for the show ring they probably won't be good for us. And you mentioned temperament testing. Is is that they eat well first all what do you do as far as that it to test a dog and what else do you do to two qualified dock for for being a service stuck. But we have a chance that we use that would take a drug in public to see what kind of react ability the dark past. Ever Dodd as reactive. It's gonna put our client in a bad way and public sound of the darts not. Used. So reaction then react ability it's a big deal for us. And you and you did mention that that if somebody has a dog in their own. I think you'll help them with the training and that's what what tripped it right. Correct trip can you give us little little bit of your background and and how you came to the next step. Well I am 87 and A half year. Read veteran sergeant. Who is 47 record for the draw down I serve on multiple deployments to Afghanistan. And you know with the VA's care. Doctor appointments instantly that my. Mental health therapist thought it would be best for some other issues I have. To get serviced on my had a buddy who had a service dog who used to live here in Southern California. We actually went through next step. I contacted him thinking hey you know when you guys know about him. He told me you know applied for they're really good in what you're doing. So that's what I did I went and website give my research. I applied online sent my application in. And now a phone call within like maybe like three days. You know ask and I need this information so we need to start any day sunny days. You know from you know different people just so I can get started as soon as possible. Answer to bring Sophie and member owner and it temperament considered Sydney you know unfortunately your dog is perfect for this. Because this is averaging with half this every issue words at that time it was at. When it is unfortunate things say. That turned into a a huge. Turn around forming and I couldn't have done it without these guys honestly. They've been really great and good to me Sophie. And you know get my family just to get me out of the house so. Tenet amazing experience. And and what what's what's life for you now have Sophie trained as a service dog. How does that change your life like go off base now since my wife slack do you live on base I'm actually venture outside the the pearly gates of Camp Pendleton. Come. We go to places that I used to enjoy like. Best buy you know I go to the law with Sophie. To these are things you view I'm just I'm doing just because I didn't like being out. Suffering with you know track bringing viewers and thank you do forget where your where you're doing and with what's going on. And then with Pete used the just developing a trust issue with people. We're sometimes nor trigger can send you in a good day yours enjoy a bad day. Well where it was Sophie thank you re now she's revenue Pomeranian. And kiss my ankle is Christine. There's little bit tense talk about it so she's helping out but she. She's gotten out of the house she goes to Disney she goes to begin with me she's yeah she's perfect baby sitter for my son more out about. So all around are rounded Duncan and I guess that she's tumbles so I have to Gregor yeah like. Like crazy we are seeing at check at well the dog wars here to have. So so job. This or how did you get involved with because you're you're not you your client as well as a trend right. Had I don't know record ninety semi five. I retired 1997. After 22 years service. During that period of time. I did to tourism Beirut Lebanon in 1982 Hillary participated and the invasion of Grenada and was in the first gulf war as loss. After I retired. This issue after Paul Beirut 1983. I started doing what most of Zune is either. What I call that ten feet tall and bulletproof syndrome where you. You wanna try to regain that adrenaline rush used to have her try to regain part of that they use news. You've served by the murder caused by and try to kill yourself which almost happened. Or drink yourself to death. And through four years after error I got out of Beirut as I memo why so low. And we can kind of see some of the best all that saw. But I still grumpy yet we're still I wouldn't like troops huge you develop trust issue you don't trust anybody that hasn't been animals there. There are cheers in the Marines face us now but I was would not leave the house I would not go to large family functions. You just don't go anywhere that you know that you're not gonna feel safe I became much we started having grandchildren. I became the grumpy grandpa. And I'm not that person anymore. That person's gone and so I brought my dog daisy is known for news gotten out of the house. I'll leave and go to Carlsbad street fair now if you know. It's slow once I got my knees and started turning refer. I did technically speaking I resign from my last job. Is local casino. Because I was not gonna be accommodated. My serves to. So I said okay I'll quit. So you don't need me I don't need you shall. I started turning in full time was able to train four days a week would daisy and and Sally and these and I became full afforded certified team and match. 2015. Its free my wife. Cast my wife would stay close on the house afraid I'm not afraid of me that I mean just making sure I'm OK and pop. My grandkids come over play my Arafat. Does it plays a mean game of hide and go six. An awesome game I know sick. So. If I do workshop I mean it's I can enjoy myself. That's where I wouldn't be far. That's terrific now what we're almost out of time but that had a somebody apply for a dog they can apply online at next service dogs that are. And what's the process involved in vying for his office is excellent pre application and did that creatine is receipt by right I mystery person. She'll reach out to calm first have a conversation and seamless. With Iraq in their in their medical treatment. With their needs are there had a pet dog. Just to get a little background and then on depending on how that conversation goes she'll send and the full application and where rat we don't. Ask people still not a full application until we we know that we're in positions if they're near the dog we don't have we asked the winningest in the morning. And we do not. Charge our plans for the dogs and that's that's gonna ask you next. There is 850 dollar application scene for it to see if there and if they're in the game and stick with what time. You know that they're I'm gonna do the work and then it's that charge is there's no charge it's very. Today fund raise for the dog her and invade them and asked me all I know is we economies handled fund raising on and we are always in need. I genius or underneath didn't and sponsorship. That we do not ask our clients that raise funds however our clients do is participate in whatever we do to come. Okay and end. Volunteers volunteers always been part of of Nam nonprofits where sponsors they're huge huge part of it on the are all volunteers are two trainers I need volunteers marking an increase in specific link. On dog sitting. You know Trulia. Client certify this team we do providing document that Amy you know I know Renee for hospital. Yes and imitate them and we from the dog was you know. For the evening on the weekend so we can provide that. Volunteers. In the office making it can apply online and changed us trainers to needy on specific training experience will trainer trainers so. Do you look for anything in particular when it comes to a trainer. Commitment it is that they commitment. Trainers need to be able to have a dog live with them during the process which if you know somewhere between 34 months. Because it's not in in treating but immediately can take the dog to work. I think it's big commitment attending training classes. Q3 days a week for two hours at a time. To become a handler and be able to teach at the dot task that. Mean a lot of times through our clients. Through their illness our you know they're particular situation. Obama can't make it to the trend setter and password me a couple of guys command we will go to their house or need them out a specific place. Where they can get their training time man mustard off. After chain has been our program for some time and I'll glanced at chain one on one with clients. And we do like content that's that's Billy to meet a client yelling evening or on weekends. If that that Clinton able to come to change senate. Okay and then and again you cater to all military active duty and veterans cracked and first responders yes. McCain and what about. If somebody wants to help you out with a donation to help you any. Michigan he made about an online at next answers dogs dot org. Is it donate button on if they want to talk about sponsorship they can reach me might email address is on line. If the company's inches in spots things also please reach out. Okay and hand out one more time he would web address the web address is WW dot the next steps service dogs dot org and our US social media I am. FaceBook and instant. All right well great test Sally. Jinan John Tripp a lot of people thank you. Thank thank you had a nice thank you for being on the show thank you for all you do it death. Nextel service stocks. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. A Vienna come San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Until next time I'm Gary late have a great week.