Neighbor Gary's Summer with the Kids

Thursday, July 6th


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They got the good is. Another event that's. Neighbor's yeah I agree. You are. Geary indicated to me that the other kids or start a drive him paddy this summer vacation knocking. Are you ready for school to start now all. Almost now yeah now would be good. You know things don't change much for me or my wife we just cherry on moment when the summer come doesn't really change my throat. In Lee both work if that's not gonna change you both have jobs to go to but all by the way now you also have to be daycare providers for those annoying and dependents I let you call your children. Yes our keynote are going to touch it at all. Our so and driving you crazy this summer already gearing well that the lack of motivation is killing me a little bit. They don't do much. Like the Gary Gary is the tremendously motivated guy does a lot of things works hard act as he works out. He's on he's he's always a paddle boarding and and seen the kids laying around. Where Bard does nothing to do drives this man instead it would most people drive you crazy. Don't you have. That all of our troops and now Dodgers have a mental image of what some are should be like and it should feel like running around in heaven a great time and building these great things and in a place in reality it's well what you have to be to download on the column. What is actually show they can. It has I have ever count this summer mornings I would get up. I would go outside and I come home at dinnertime I go back outside to come back and I couldn't see outside it was so dark. Go to sleep. With the next day but things have changed Gary hit by the way. If your kids as. As you say an older person with children who are older now if your kids pull the whole onboard thing do it I didn't give most of the clean what we're saying that hole you're bored really gotten there you go. They by simply knew the minute I say to your rent you a little more should follow. I got something going on. We have been trying to put him in the champs and stop and you know that worked out pretty well only if you out of the page. Other hours. So clean house camp isn't working well. I. Memo. And thank you. Have to kill you should make the thing you create you'll have your clipboard your whistle and you can do with a counselor clean your room camp. My gut they would love. They were. Activities they can do well look there's. Bookshelf for arranging all look there's get the leg goes off the floor sessions I mean by the this that if the possibilities are endless Gary. I. Am. And bill calls to golden dust and make the reward and you have to you know XP and actually get it doesn't. Look like who has the golden does. I see you are with you I think why are caught doing it well I'm gonna put that promote it. Should enjoy clean your own camps thank you. You did that Amare right now I'm coming I'm turning around to going home and garden. You know I think. Let another extension. Win neighbor's cat every. 61957. No abrupt ending I I. 973. If you would like to mood to let us know. How are your kids driving you crazy this summer we'd love to share your pain 61957. No number 1973. I'm gonna be old guy warning here. On the stage right now where I wanted to make it more than suck out the perfect 60957. On number 190s imagery data can drive you crazy this summer.