Neighbor Gary: John's First Harmonica Performance

Monday, March 19th


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Hello hey guys look good as. Another extension. We're neighbors can agree. Neighbor Gary. Was kind enough to come and see my performance on Friday at the belly up. I play harmonica with Lee Morgan leave band had a belly up on Friday they're kind of let me join their sets. Wouldn't admit it but the world. How law listening neighbor Geary was this your neighbor here eight. Samuel is fantastic senior and the crew I admit you got. How scary you were mad at me after the performance he sit with her. You seem like you were a bit angry. John I don't know how to explain it went over ride of a modes and what you are good it's this is the yet lives I would I would not angry I look right now and I would think that I needed. It was not the boot off the Lola you have an idea. I was impressed. Just keep things like Jerry was angry and that's that at. The end until it finally impress me after all these years to finally be up and ordered back. A good. All I have ever all these years and finally done something I respect let's let let's just pause for a while at that stinky and sell it. But I have no kidding about that but like god Bennett picked a bloody good to get up there and do it did though. I'm impressed. Hey Johnny candy cry did his performance make you cry to neighbor Gary. Predicted there will never stayed out on the radio bit bidder didn't. Side. Let's dig my most important turned a bit but what we have. But owner. Railroad he just you know yet effective and I ignored it during a hearing was angry with me. I get off the stage I get done like I I I and hang out with with with the band I come out and finally I get to hang out my friends who were kind enough to show up. Gary's league they have to respect to the hype factory spec cheer. All that's funny neighbor Gary I wonder how long that will last though Gary. I don't know it might be eight greatly every bit like everything else. I doubt on it I I really did dornin in new light he had a I'm more of the liberty about him. Applied day study group making it stick Cyrano but it. I've never seen him like death according never really did and the beauty of port side yeah. I'll talk to all people do it though does. It interesting that Bermuda that you're in that light but regardless the vile I doubt you did a bit about that got out beat Brett. And I literally bragged about you beat everybody you let that one. Now. What to say that two weeks can this get this feeling lasts forever yeah a picnic what lap audio area while Yankee gear. Appreciate having you out there really meant that the world renowned. It was a great night did to be invited and I had a great aren't they are out in the gut. While I'm here ain't. They're diet dot.