Neighbor Gary: John Hasn't Seen Him All Summer Long!

Wednesday, July 11th


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Summer vacations have taken my sweet neighbor Gary away from me bots. He is back and that means another adventure with monetary what will we get into this time. I'm getting re acquainted with the each other the man has never ever ever listened to our show let alone listen to our segment. That includes him on our show but we are happy to have him with us right now. OK guys look at what is. The event tension. Andrews can agree. I'd like to say we've got a bustling adventure to speak let's right now I haven't seen Geary and in in so long it feels like forever neighbor Gary's been doing the family vacation all summer along neighbor Gary Clark Griswold has nothing on you. Clark group all have nothing on me and it's an honor that you all sort of Africa. I. Tell us not sure adventurers might mention that summer include multiple family situation that they in the United States. There were a whirlwind we did the East Coast tour this year with the kids okay. And Boyd. Now two days here suited there get on the boat and off the bus get on the train get off the trade painful Gary remind us all your children again. So 113. Air war and it is just turned eleven. It was a magical time for kids are being prodded her what. Vehicle with their parents out smelling that car quietly in a year your trips of stand America needed the East Coast person. What next. Out went up to Washington State to visit some relatives oh good good as well yes okay there's got to get about a couple biz break in them back on well playing. So you had planes and buses were bitter trade from New York how different from bought the New York City so I just trains and automobiles average that are playing it straight and many automobile here you're like my brother in law who within 48 hours of coming to visit us has had basically hit every mode of transportation possible. That's an out in a plane and a I picked him up and automobile. He went with our nephew out on a boat to Catalina Island and then came back on the train he's like anything else you guys got out here that I cannot America. We will be paying at all I haven't seen forever. I hope so I texted me yesterday saying please we got a tanker because. I'm done vacation so. Summer is over for me up for the kids may be both a bit star. John was sick yesterday gear so now he could be bothered with like the answering any Tenser I answered him. Purple and here are back here and that's why not well okay. This is just completely outrageous and neighbor Gary and we are. I do my current round an earlier sicker feel better about it. See you and I get together and do that crazy thing that you and I do so well together here it. Piloted that's so weird but I'm down we can we can grill we can do whatever rewards there. It a couple of though. It's a love letter all right it was Derek cup season to help the neighbor's cat being. And as you can look and I say. The best front yeah exactly right.