Neighbor Gary: John and Neighbor Take The Next Step In Their Friendship

Wednesday, September 5th


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Something kind of magical. Really in our relationship this week when neighbor Gary okay. The majority shareholder. Of big guys look who it is. Let another event tension. When his neighbor's cat every. Kerry ticket. This morning this morning as he's on his way to his fabulous rewarding job what do you do in your element know you do for a living. A worker cube John it also all right perfect yeah. These adventures neighbor Gary and go to an old school mind he's rock concerts per LA it was so fun and and what I thought. By the later that night to have an actual adventure would you rather than just complaining that we don't hang out anymore. We're gearing I couldn't agree more and I am so thankful to other guys said no CU I could finally go out and just hang together. A joking so here's the deal be an eye on Saturday night. Relives our college viva the ninety's it went and saw I guess now you can seek the classic band Smashing Pumpkins we're live report reignited yes the reason I think neighbor here either recently reunited Smashing Pumpkins don't get the memo that. These be reunited with that was the original members of the band except the female bass player OK but huddle. We got now I didn't that they are necessarily might be on Britain we had an absolute blast goaltender. Gary had a beer I'm dieting so I watched him drink at a fund for. But more importantly grow and this is a big deal. A new step in our relationship I might insure Gary knew what it was okay. I'm not sure. I did have a couple beard by a lot of black belt remote plus. Does it was before. The beer intake neighbor Gary. Believe me it is the garage code. Oh. It's a modern day here's Mike he for it is. We got to putt putt putt up. I don't have anything good thing but not how I I think you're the okay. I don't know what you want even if you didn't give him but that third they'll. Nothing specific that I want. No break into your house and acquire what I do like is that knowledge of knowing if I ever need to get neither gear reason even if he's not home Tammy. I now have that code and I can make myself a home in my friend's house. Flying he'd get shelled it. Doubt I'll let you know I'd like I don't want him waiting out front you know let it be able to come in make you felt at home. Make it bad or whatever and he. Do it sure why he's coming home like Wednesday Thursday Friday afternoon he's already heard that might be initially thought it was for dinner a great if people cooking dinner that's terrible call. Battered Europe. Yeah sharing with one person that something else that neighbor Gary can share with everybody would neighboring Geary has an official instant Graham now. Cash it at. Neighbor Geary. Omaha URE have a 190 dollars a whole mind at all they can and I'm pretty clear when we don't know post premiere your time at the concert but. You have an official is Graham now you are talking about this last time. I'll I don't know I was gonna put something up but it you know I'd do a lot of video at the minute epic ruled but I haven't had time. I'm not really get it. Week that's a whole different show when did you become the dude that films every song that a concerts. All we don't club that can go back to net yeah I'll do. You. He's still do you sit and watch your clips you like now let's. I'm getting old I could hear it being bought it a guy you remember that aren't without. There and I've been looking forward to the next adventure neighbor Gary maybe this time from inside your home since I've got the code yeah well you wanna make it better to our regret it. Another event tension. Neighbor's cat really. It imagine Gary lock you into his house even better yet Gary's life walking there was nothing there I have a couple of your camera. That you know are just.