Neighbor Gary: He Wants To Start A Neighbor Gary Instagram Account!

Tuesday, August 21st


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Hey guys look to it is. Another event that's. Yeah every. Today is adventure would neighbor Gary is something I called neighbor Gary hits the big time all of what's on neighboring area so you know neighbor Gary Gary's been on the here with us for a couple years now right periodically call my neighbor Gary we discuss the adventures he and I get into. But neighbor Gary's always had won a claim to fame in his own mind and that's the fact he's never heard it. Our show basically ignoring what we're doing for a living guys to write. I never ignore you guys come on that. Pop the. Impossible yet true neighbor Gary for whatever reason you just. You don't care I pressed. It's not that they don't hear it it's true I got no defense. So imagine my surprise when neighbor Gary gets a hold of me this weekend and says hey. Thinking about starting a neighbor Gary in Seagram paid at all Maria. Somehow like not enough steam that then yeah I really don't or won't supported by your ears could have cut. First of all did you take game with air quotes because there's no other way that should come out. Yet it's not about trying to. Start anything parity haven't integrate the count I don't use a bit of a very un levered may. John you know about unquote name and integrate and distribution. Will be understanding what I'm going to play. That made it. I think he's making funny or is agreeing name is Jonathan and that's why he's making fun of on clever. All I did know I don't know it was a contest Salvador Sosa a clever nobody catchy name stuck. Everything to contest on everything. So what's the neighborhood area insert Graham a page Google is gonna be like and adventures that we get into musings from neighbor Gary actually have we talked to our lawyers is he allowed to use neighbor Gary uses it's a Rampage is a property Johnson in the morning you quit when I don't you tell. This is why I asked bird I can see you coming ballot to put a lot I. Or. That's me Jerry tell our vernacular studio until Reid started and Bulgarians program. I know you wouldn't have ever built up the other periods Graham to contain the neighbor Gary jingle. If unable to do that for sure well. Don't want to. Is he able to let him hear the speed and I think I'll we'll check I just checked the legal department director that your legal department yeah it to me all right so what is certain Atlantis now so we can follow eulogy. Well they're a good. Have heard of it could well grow. Oh hole. And until next I am but you're injured or else that hey I can't agree. Maybe.