National Anthem to Fox Company

Friday, December 15th


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Now you we always for the National Anthem at this time Maria do it always here on KS when it's our duty. But at today as with life we've got a very conflicting a couple of dedication this to be happy dedication first they'll be huge joy good morning. I and it actually and a budget pattern well how Murray are. The hand you're dealt. That's wonderful how proud are you. I get up and hit the block street. I. Oh my goodness that's awesome awesome well we definitely can dedicate the National Anthem on their behalf what's what's your son's name. Wesley Stewart US marine. Our efforts are taking joy congratulations Merry Christmas. It. Congratulations to the entire fox company graduating today thank you for your service and obviously. The next situation toll makes sense for I'm honoring to stand for our National Anthem and that was Corey Iverson a cal fire San Diego. Engineer who was killed yesterday battling the fire in Ventura and San Barbara counties. Men have as a young child the young wife who's pregnant with his second child. It's horrifying end it just did needs to be reminded that we take our first responders for granted sometimes expect pose a fire. So they'll put it out that's what they do with the train for our exudes a horribly dangerous job and we thank all who do it. And in honor of that young man who lost his life protecting us our National Anthem with Jennifer Hudson I'm peso and.