Nancy O'Dell Wraps Up The Emmys

Monday, September 18th


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A historical night at last night's Emmys if you missed it don't worry about we got to cover would Nancy would die Nancy. Good morning Ariel is tired you are. And that's. I'm a little tired ally met but it Mac at that would be work at all and I eyes and say did you get any sleep dots and I was wondering. Aloe plant right about that I power which has more than normal about 10 AM. That's what jumped out EU last night as a TV fan. You really get down and me on my anger a lot of like history making. And then we're gonna see it went down the mall and you want like that or want my. You know that that is soundly really Smart he thought he struggled article that's a good look at you like you know this summary and I got eighteen footer actually. All the historical moment that happened. But I think you're even later thanking me history because. For her when she broke a record and for best actor become the firm performance because she tried splurge to eat and record for a hard time asking me alone account and that's correct yeah hash out that they were a bit of earth wind and actor playing my parents are. Breaking a tie it can't hurt Murphy brown and I'm not the entity or Dallas feet in acting. I did not help. It Smart and had a I was glad to see on the I was glad to see big little lies get some nods Nicole Kidman was amazing it. In that short run series iPhone mullet that I'm really hoping they're gonna bring it back and sounds like they might. I know like I am a lot other carpet about that thing you'll see. I'm your reaction wreck or they're really pressured them I'm content they get over how are out there are wearing like scale of one to get my. How close either bringing that back I really had to re there at sportier and Nicole altogether accurate or any but where are we. That they basically that it you'll beat them to not talking about it on these big check it out. Age you know. I can't handle it everybody schedule then added that they all heard it before you know on the ticket to get everybody everything pay. Co worker record that it doesn't hurt earth and he. Right yeah we're yeah yeah because she's always been a movies and I am right and he died you know you think earth. Trying to win board but their Oscars remember how Oscar winning actresses or actors would never even consider being on television almost hit east and the house told us like I'm now. Are relevant and yeah and now he might well I. This is my opinion only but I happen to believe this is the best. Best television that we've ever seen ever. I agree I think it's because they're in the united later replaced as well. Television can't go in there every that he had an epic that. All right you can check out Nancy O'Dell complete Emmy coverage tonight on CBS ape Entertainment Tonight Nancy thank you so much for staying up for the Emmys so we don't have to. Thank you don't get it back he got love. Watching Hulu the red carpet special who it's dealing with the she is a trip that you got nominated for a that being a little revitalized as well. Actually says to the person's interviewing her I don't want generally known TV I don't watch TV I'm my friends we don't have time Washington can't read at an awards show. Celebrating the best and TV yeah she says that I don't watch TV me. And I I thought I read stone tablets like torch light. This is she did say that I I don't I don't watch TV I read I don't have time to watch TV we take time to read and do the same thing right right. Who is the time. And recruits.