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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego. Public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Gary late. Two men and a truck is a local moving company that gives back to the community each and every year. They have two campaigns or collection drives that they run each year one of them movers for moms is under way right now. There currently collecting items to be delivered to women in need through half of San Diego. Joining us this morning to talk about movies for moms and how you can help. It's two men and a truck San Diego and San Marcos franchisee police to storm a guy goes and half of San Diego so. She director KV standish but completion welcome K we thank you thanks for have less Odyssey and deletion it's been awhile. And -- nice to meet you and have you on the show this morning. It is that time again a leash and time from one of for a two minute trucks campaigns. Collection drives that you have each year. This one is movers for mom's a first of all two men and a truck we've been here now. Locally we've been here for almost four years. And I on the open the San Diego franchise in 2012 and we opener similar Marcos location one year so business is good. Is this a good idea where we're busy at ten tracks on the road and. Lots of movies and drivers that I see guys all over the place of course you got your TV advertising so. Things are looking good for now now two minute a truck I'm not mistaken for recall correctly is is a family owned business in your family right. Yep good memory. The company originally began in Michigan it was after school job from my dad and my uncle they left for college make drama ended up. Growing it and franchised it. In dollars over 300 locations. And it's and it's a big part of team and attracted to give back to the community is an. Absolutely up I'm getting back to the community is one of our core values. Ever since that company was founded that's been a huge focus. The first year my grandma had a thousand dollars in profit and cut ten checks to ten charities. On ever since and it's really been a part of the corporate fabric. Com and that's definitely trickled down to the franchise levels well and the campaigns that you that you run. Movers for moms which is running right now and then you also want later in the year around veterans and that's movers from military. These national campaigns I think they're not just done here in San Diego right. Correct so movers for moms is every franchise across the country on and really the level participation is up to the franchise. But all of us join up together. To really help make an impact. Movers for military depends on the franchise's. In our area and in many other continent track. I territories. Military's huge and there are a lot of people are coming out of the military he needs help some made a lot of sense for us here in sandy can participate in that part. Don't the population and we have military. Population makes sense yet and it and it and it goes well to a fire call the times have had you on the show on top four talked about. Movers military. Are successful campaign. It seemed to have her be here. And movers for mom so let's let's talk about that. How many years now you've been doing this here. Since we say or if you have for us is our fourth annual movers from around the plant what are we looking for this year and and that tells a little bit about movies for mom's church so movers for moms. Is the collection drive. Iman what's neat about it is we invite everyone to participate so. We have different organizations schools. Businesses. Who and I gather on the gifts that were looking for and he handle all of the logistics in bringing those donations. Two local women in need and this year those women are going to be women who are served by path of San Diego. So this year we're looking for. Items that can be used for women who are transitioning into. Housing. These are people move. Face some sort of homelessness. And pass. As providing services and housing for them and so we're looking for items like pots and pans and silverware. And then even new bed sheets comforter explained kids. But we also want some fun items spike. May be perfume and lip glossed sunglasses jewelry something that makes them feel. Special from mother sent us a little different than in the past because in the past it was Mickey's house that you partnered with. Four domestic violence women that have been victims of domestic violence it was a little different this year the types of items that you are looking for slightly different and still looking for the same toiletries items personal hygiene items that is always welcome. But this year we're going to be helping people are going into any new home. And sometimes those needs are different and often they're going into. Space it's completely empty and they're just excited to have a roof over their head. Tumbleweed really like to help them just for some of the essentials of ticketing back on their feet and how can people make a donation happen any where and they go to drop off their donation. So this year we have 31. Collection her parents are really excited about that not all of them are accepting donations at their location so we would recommend people reach out to us first. I'm but some of them are com one is Tiffany Howell she's a real Terrence and you don't. And we at four locations of Harley-Davidson. Across San Diego who are collecting for us and I know that they are welcoming them public donations. On sixteen can do care locations across San Diego will be collecting. And then we have to hand tinian. Which is exciting and Amy son San Marcos they've been really instrumental in in providing some of the you know. Some of the household items that are extra for them to really make a difference. We have Mallory Leonard Allstate insurance agency. And Pacific beach and she is collecting her office the university of sandy don't. The veterinary specialists hospital San Diego is collecting. The Irish outs outreach at San Diego and leading mortgage solutions. So we're excited to have many of our same partners in the past but also to have expanded at a swap. And people are always welcome to contact us directly at our office this in any questions and when they can leave a donation. And they dropped donations off that your San Diego and San Marcus office absolutely yes now also in the past and now with with these campaigns. If somebody has a move that scheduled with you they can they can leave the stuff at the house yeah well right. Yeah we do that throughout the year so. As people are preparing and movingly find a lot of times or they might be getting rid of something that can be used for someone else. Household items always come up like that so we send a link out to anybody who's meeting with us. Letting them known how many can. Basically set aside what they would like us to take and we handle it on Wednesday so we try to make it really easy from an explanation as well. And make sure you label it. So that they you're not taking something they don't want to say exactly yes please label it an Asian nations that is one of the infection there. They do this and and and of course you're gonna make these deliveries. To a path to San Diego. On Mother's Day right correct or the day before but definitely in time to celebrate Mother's Day. OK and so the deadline to make the donations so that your delivery. Deliveries can be made in time. So we're asking that everything coming in come by April 29. If you have some last minute donations. He can just contact our office and make it work. But we just wanna have time for us to organize count all the donations. And prepare them so ignorant. This is one big. Lump of donations have makeshift organized for them that takes quite a few days so. The 29 is that the ideals OK and aunts let's say somebody's listening that. This morning that wants to help fountain and VA area. A drop off location is there's still time to do that yes actually we have some locations have been collecting for weeks others' money just focus on a few days. And so we are always welcoming people even if it's teens last minute every bit help. Right now this this year again. As you mentioned. Its path of San Diego yeah that is that benefiting from the donations and KB you are with path a San Diego this partnership come about between the two. Well Lisa and I actually went to school and she can stay together. Need reconnect today here. Warriors are now I feel that that's pretty cool story yes man. Also if I had after re connecting with Caylee she really spoke very highly of the organization and how much. I know Caylee is extremely passionate. About homelessness and I learned a lot that you just talking with her and so it seemed like a great partnership. Tell us a little bit about. Path San Diego sheriff's so I'm pap Stanford people assist in the homeland we've been around for a 31 years but here look cleanly and around. For a little more than three years through then the program downtown going after ray is called connections hasn't. Looking on the corner of sixth and eighth street. And to me we provide housing supportive services health care for those that are most vulnerable in the community. We has 223. People. On any given. What kind of Dan do you think you're making in the homeless populations and NATO. Not the issue is Connie Wyatt and teen Diego has some of the more than 8700 folks that are living on the street. Highest density a little bit more than 60% of those folks there but then the city of San Diego. And specifically downtown you'll see that now a lot of communities. Except for the majority of services provide it. I'm sure other location downtown. It's really focused on providing permanent. On housing solutions to those that are experiencing homelessness in our community and in our neighborhood. Our population. Is adults. Only we don't have any families in the program. But especially this movers for months initiative. I'm of the women that are moving and how is seen are now receiving all of those basic. Household essentials and supports I think oftentimes. I'm you know when you work so hard to you to secure employment an increase your income and and reconnect with family and friends. And it's you have that savings employees to is to afford and refreshments friend security ties utilities. Those basic household essentials. I'm and I top of mind. And so oftentimes people are moving into. Empty apartment. Through this initiative and through other very critical. Partnerships in the community were able to allow people to move into their home with dignity. Oftentimes these folks. Haven't had a their own homes and maybe two K Susan. And so to be able to welcome them into his face and have these pots and pans. And you know sheets and pillows that's everything and the impact of this is absolutely exceptional. Got to make them feel really couldn't absolutely. Absolutely. And two of our clients. Husband and wife they'd actually just moved in. To their own apartments. A couple weeks ago and they're really excited about this initiative it. And Andrea provides. Critical support in our program. Men acts as an alumni and can mentors to our other lady isn't. When I was able to share with her this program. On its infamous she's excited about the containment. She can feel happy about and look at all of the success she's had through the program. Should ask here's how Xena and and because the best she secures his household items she can feel whole again. Absolutely. You mentioned that that majority of the homeless in the county or or. In San Diego. But in the city of scenic city of sandy Hume a sixteen. Most recent data found 63%. A the region's them answer within cities in the. And a lot of them downtown. We talked a little bit before we went on the air and I mention I was going to Padres game recently and saying and the east village so many who made homeless there. Yeah highest since she is and that area what we noticed. Fun to our program it's been open and for a little over three years now. Image than we has 223 folks we've got permanent housing and term has seen and and send units that are dedicated to those that are most vulnerable those they have some special means on any higher level of care. In the past three years. Nearly 900. However most fun Arafat has secured permanent housing and so it's going through those those different components thinking that stability. What we've noticed in in our area is that it's. And the neighborhood surrounding him. The building and we've seen in deep crease and street homelessness. Roughly 70% since you didn't have straight what we see is that it's it's effective. And it's obviously the need for housing is greater than the units. Available. NEA though it is the fifth most expensive place to live in the entire country. And so so we didn't do you don't have affordable quality housing options it's it's very difficult to seek care of and. Now how does somebody get into. Your permanent housing what are what are the requirements was the intake process like. Yes and we have a street outreach team. And that is working on things on the street to elite. We have an integrated outreach. Model and approach where we partner waited. Different providers that could be the VA could be in my house senators with unique now I'm it could be. The senior police department homeless outreach team and to those in graded out friends who are able to connect with folks that are. They're living on the streets educate them about the program. And then. And sure that they can completes. Vulnerability assessments. That they of the TB test that they would be inappropriate for our program and what about your your interim as what what's the the lane to stay there and so intern programs. And I typically are thirty to ninety day programs. I'm obviously we have to have an individualized approach because not everybody's Anita thirty games whereas some people aren't. And overseen. Is that a majority of folks need a little bit longer than the in our building were able to provide the full continuum of care so it's not just how is saint. And then services elsewhere historically would have posing in one area you had your career center Aaron your employment. You know specialists on the other side of this city would have you illegals to pour on the other and then your position is on the whole other side of town. What we've done is removed. Some of those barriers by bringing all of these providers until once centralized location to essentially a one stop shop. And I think it's health care provider thank him health centers of San Diego it's an 8000 square for health clinic that's provided on site. Housing its health care and it's supportive services that. Are essentially every thing that an individual may need to while living on the street. We have a career Senna and we have better and specific programs on its running employment and housing. We have creative writing in beaver re tough and hard and you GO. We add. Medication management. Budgeting workshops. A legal aid society of San Diego provide services on site authorities week if fulltime mental health and and groups. And so they it really is on every needs an individual class and street is being math and it's in one centralized okay. So again it's it's. Way more than than just housing Yahoo! and everything you need to do I am back on their feet again. Absolutely housing is critical book somewhere that I'm going to part of service as we started an alumni program when we first stoked and and which is Tina after care for folks that transition to the program. But some of our alumni it's amazing. They come back and now there are the ones that are leading groups and classes and at the end of the day nobody can speak to the process. Knew better than to me it's Contra. It's been pretty exceptional VT. Need this six faxes that people are happy. The issue of homelessness is so loudly come plaques. And it's through programs like this and very individualized. Judgment free approaches some that we're able to really solve the issue. And end as far as your health services what is it that you offer there. It's a full operating health clinic it's everything everything it's everything. I want to get into that program you have to have a TB tests it's all done unsightly. Are able to do full health screenings well. But it's a full operating health clinic how many how many women do you think he served it path. For the 223. Total. I would say. At any given time it's from 5058 well he. We do and you do and you do served. Military we get better and preference in and better and priority in our program. We've got its employment coordinator specifically for our bats. Since we opened three years ago more than 300 adherents have secured full time employment. To maintain its success where we're working man at employers where are keen. With community partner Ernst. Say insurance that that are veterans are being put shellac. You served this country and and now we're here to help them and make sure that you can find employment and and find that permanent house and so what what does this partnership. With that two men and truck what does that mean to you and folks that path. This partnership is everything it's it's through these instrumental partnerships that where he able to provide. He most premiere. Care and support her books and and for them it shows that the community cares. Meant service providers we are working with the folks every single day attention they have housing and supportive services. And base means that one final. Boost and it's not just from massive service providers it's from the general community. And it's their supporter. Kind words and donations. These household items it's everything. And I and I have to say and now we should you had mentioned before that that our listeners have been very very do you think. Those that that listen to the show when you've been on before you feed benefited them quite a bit from what I remember. Yeah that was a really a cool. Experience has been on the show and then you know within the next day we had somebody. Roll up with a truckload of at the time it was. From the first for a military that truckload of T shirts and hats and on things that he decision meeting Lawrence looking for a place. To donate them also you know it was there actually TV interview. But somebody size and it and in other program and we ended up getting pallets of player tree items so really the more we get the word out we just find it. People are interested wanting to participate and help out and I think all of us who live in San Diego we see homelessness is a mean. And it's a very big problem in her. A local community we all wanna help but sometimes we don't know how and so factly I think that this gives people an opportunity. To do something. I'm is directly helping. Local people getting out of homelessness. In and see Indians are. Very giving they do step up to the plate in situations like this and and that makes me proud via the San Diego what what is the was the path people. The path deep is a multi service honor and that's. We're all of those groups and classes and programs that I mention to fold dedicated space. That operates money through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM that's from the clients from the building units for our veterans. And it's for our alumni. And I ends it operates. And then the ideas pass deep bow. The building itself setup as it's a train theme which is really. Really nice man he is that it's in people are on the journey and the ultimate goal is permanent housing and long term stability. And there's multiple stops you have to take along the way. I'd be happy day provide to where's the reopening of the space today at two volunteers and people that wanna come in and learn more. It's a pretty neat program. Does path offered any. Walk in services for homeless we tell practice a drop and senator. To the service is provided in the building are for the 223 folks of upstairs. In addition to the alumni that it meant to make go through the program and our veterans that are securian. And support through our homeless pattern reintegration program. Okay so again movers for mom's gone on now. Until. Just before Mother's Day and once again we should some the items you're looking for. Shares so really the items that. Make you feel settled at home. So on the wish list this year specifically our new or like new pots from pan and silverware. We're looking for new. Sheets blankets towels pillows. Also toilet tree items for women. And then some fun items something that would be a small gift that whimpering sound to someone's faith though could be something simple like. Little plot served some sunglasses. That they and they can even be something he might Ari have brown house. And the donations can be dropped off at that various locations throughout the canning and you do have that on your website that you we do yes and as always. Anyone can reach out to historically we can coordinated pick Apple's war. A drop off whatever's most convenient and April 29 deadline today to get everything yes we are shooting for April 29. Now you have found your your other campaigns as far as touch on it briefly here before we. Wrap things up that's movers for military. Another great collection drive that you have this happens right around. Veterans there I can't not traits so we will probably get fell launched late some marathon around September. And that'll run through November and we collect collect similar items. On mostly personal hygiene in clothing actually. Four veterans. Who are served by a veterans village of San Diego found Blake paths better intelligence any as a very. Holistic approach to helping people go from homelessness to self sufficiency and so that's I was chosen to work. With both of these organizations. And and a Caylee path is is today yes a nonprofit yes and it's so weird he's your your funding. Multiple. Multiple source says. We do you have sound and Department of Labor funds that come and we have some federal dollars for coming into Hud. We have some local. Dollars that come through this city and continue housing commission. And then we also have send some. Wonderful support through through local business as. And individuals to do they connect with this mission and and why do more. For those folks that are most vulnerable on the community. And if somebody wants to make a donation can they do manage your website yes. Yes please see what what is 'cause they impacts. The senate let's say it is www. Past EP eight TH. Tap a wired cheap. And the impact of this donation days. Absolutely. Great. If he is without a doubt. One of the things the best ways you can get even just a one dollar donation is one meal. Our kitchen and operates on all through donations and volunteers some. Answers to those very critical laughed they were able to even provide those meals on site which since the openness at a 150000. And while and and movers for moms. Benefiting and and yet. Having a huge impact folks there a path huge impact. Huge impact and and you mentioned that you mentioned the that the program and you get some great response and great race time to ask our ladies are really excited about the opportunity. Oh great Alicia what's what's your website that is Tim and and a truck San Diego dot com or the shorter version is Tim and San Diego dot com stealth out. Two weeks to get yes definitely Endesa social media. Yep my unfazed. We're posting a lot about maneuvers from gone through your attachments as well. And find out more info about movers for moms what what's the link on your website to get that. I'll go to the website of giving you and then nursing community. Service action okay great and that Caylee. Social media. Social media round face black and we have Pat's making it home FaceBook page as far as our local connections housing faced. It's a leash as always a pleasure having on the show and good luck with movers for moms. Has always hope it's a huge success thanks for UKB as well for being here for all you do it. It death path of San Diego thinking so much that tend to think you. That concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the Entercom San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guest will be from San Diego Zoo global. We'll be talking about that conservation efforts and roaring Ford campaign as well as does his 100 birthday celebration. Until then I'm Gary late. Great week.