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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the inner accounts San Diego radio stations I'm Gary late. To man and a truck so local movie company that loves give back to the community they pride themselves on being movers who care. Each year they have two separate campaigns or drives. The current one is movers for moms there collecting items to be donated to homeless women served by half San Diego. Joining us this morning as to man and truck San Diego franchisee. Of leases over a guy goes and pass San Diego regional director. Jonathan Casilla. Ultimately should and that Jonathan kinda scary I Gary nice to see you again Lisa always a pleasure yen and Jonathan pleasure meeting you as well. We are gonna talk about movers for moms today in and that is so one of two men and trucks to campaigns that you have every year. The other one is a movers for military that's right. That's one movers for moms and around this time every single year and talk about that today very rare that I have a. For profit company on a side effect I think you're one of wanna just a couple of never been on the show before we should that you do such great shot two men and a truck. To such a great job in the community helping community that's why you're back every single year let's talk about your company for a little bit it is a family owned company right. It is CS my husband and I own the local franchises here in San Diego and San Marcos and in San Diego. And it actually originally started to list my data my uncle. And it's a franchise system when they went away for school money granma ended up taking over in France has the business and there's over 300 locations throughout the rest. And where's it headquartered in Lansing Michigan and and when you came out here how many years has been almost five. Cocaine and and we became managers had you just have the San Diego location that's right and we are the first Southern California location. The nearest location is at the time was Las Vegas. And then that was it just a couple of years ago you be open at San Marcus Banks right yes yes we want to be closer Chinatown customers. So businesses. Is good business is good yep Turks on the road helping people live. And I see all the time I see two minute drive trucks all the time. Now the two campaigns that you have movers for moms and movers for military. They don't just happen here in San Diego County right here other locations do these as well known thing. Correct all locations. On throughout the US participating in this verse from moms drive. So it's pretty special as we honor to work together. And then we are part of a group of franchises that faculty movers for military drive and we choose to participate in that particular. Drive because military such a big. Part of our community here and homeless veterans. Are definitely groups that we wanna help locally. An end. Giving back to the community a big part of what movers. Two minute truck is is all about us. Yes it's been one of the core values since day one the first year. My grandmother actually wrote a check to ten different charities and Alice are profit for the year. And since then it's always been really very ingrained in the culture. Now we don't want to be just a poster on the wall and really wanted it to be something that we live and breathe and that's why we. Choose to participate movers for moms and movers from military cheer on top of other charity work that we view. And so it's it's not just to make yourself look good that your helping out the community this is something that really means a lot to you. And Andy and the company right. Yeah absolutely I mean I think at the end of the daily Allen feel like we're doing more than. And yes. You know. Plugging away at the office or whatever it may be that we're making a difference in people's lives we can do that through our actual work by giving people a great learning experience but also. I'll McCain ticket a step further and use the resources that we have trucks and people in boxes and actually you know do more for the community one thing we've expanded use this past year which I think his. Unique kids. They're getting giving customers the opportunity to make donations on move day. So we know it's a natural time when you're just going through your belongings anyway and you might CN. Text your toaster and you don't need wild guess but somebody locally doesn't need that. And now we wanna make that connection between the customer. And also the person in need as easy instance has fossil so donation like that where would that go that would go for instance to past San Diego so because were helping them. With basically helping residents who are going into empty apartments. What are looking for one of the items would be like small. Kitchen appliances like like a blender or toasters and it has are getting back on their feet they have the most basic kitchen items. If it were clothing item for instance that's true goat it would actually go to mark. Movers for military drive because strategies more of a clothing racetracks where this is not. So we have different opportunities to use different kinds of donations straight here in the local community and achieve that throughout the year two of these campaigns in these drives are not. Up and running don't you also take donations from people if they have when they're getting ready to move yeah how we do and so we have hard. Our specific drive time. Where collection partners are actively collecting. But throughout the year we invite our customers to make those patients. And we never closed that time down that's yearlong. And those donations did they go back to. Path and and veterans village or do those go to the look other organizations as well now they go to we set them aside for passive they meet list of items that they've asked us collect. Or they will go to veterans village if they meet the list of items. On that they are they've asked us to collect so we set them aside to restore them on our warehouse and I have a bunch of on our house already. And then we wait until we are ready to make that delivery and those become part of larger donations so. Definitely are customers have had an impact on the overall donations which is great. So this is movers for months. Up and running. Campaigning to have every year right around this time leading up to Mother's Day which this year is may fourteenth. Tell us about movies for mobs how many years now if you can do in this. So this is our fifth Daniel livers from arms cheered each of and we started our first your business. And stay. Idea behind movers from moms is to make. Women feel special specially those who are. You know at risk in our community. Going through a hard time. And so naturally we think of women who are getting back on their feet. Especially after they face homelessness and many times they faced name domestic. Challenges and abuses well. So we really use as an opportunity to get the community involved. We collects in this case on small gifts so. Mail Paula AA shut down sunglasses purses. Something that would you know make you feel special all come mothers say. Also personal hygiene items shampoo conditioner so. Anything that you need to get ready in the morning. Someone getting back on their feet needs is while and them we also. What's unique about this Travis we collect pots and pans silverware. Towels new linens. With the idea that you're helping furnish somebody's new home and hopefully their new life. So this oh past San Diego and we'll talk to Jonathan just just few minutes the pants San Diego does help women. Help men and women who are homeless of this is to help them once they get into a new home yes. India the deadline to make a donation is tomorrow. May first what happens after that how do you then get everything to pass and. So what we do we have a group of great collection partners. Some of them have been assessed for years and summer news so we have seen Augustine high school there is your wonderful job minds stream interactive that's a new one for us this year. Harley-Davidson they've participated. In the past and I USDA actually has a collection no link. Home street being in turning me sub point Loma and mission gorge are all participating for the first time this year. The kids they learning center. Providential real state mascot Chang's office is participating. Teen wellness an active life chiropractic in Anthony's list has a collection for the first time. They Hampton inning turning mesa and then also of course our customers. All of those people are participating and while we've encouraged many of these locations will actually accept donations at their offices. And what we've done is gone now. Delivered boxes posters information wish list from past. And at the end of day the collection we will actually go back out the trucks make all those pickups. They bring them back to our warehouse we sort them I type we count them box then back up and only children to pass. In time for Mother's Day. So you get a wish list from from pet San Diego so you have an idea as to what it is that these these women need yes absolutely. Now what if somebody. Doesn't have the timer doesn't. Wanna go to one of these partners and make a donation can they come to that two minute truck absolutely yes they can definitely do that and. On May first is going to be the day were we pick all the donations up from our collection partners however people are welcome to make a donation through at the end of this week. And we can make sure that makes its path as well. Okay and and can they make a donation at at both few locations yes we have relocation and Kearny mesa and 9245. Farnham streets. And also a location in San Marcos that money 1 punt eastern. And a list of the partners is that on your website that should be an hour let's say yes under there's a community. Service app. There's also a full list of the items that were collecting and this is the second year that past San Diego is benefiting from this drive. Why path. Well it really. The fact that path is. Not just it's kind of putting a band in on the situation. They do tried to take a holistic approach to help get people back on their feet. To get jobs detailed and move forward and the fact that they are going into their independent housing. Allows us to kind of make a connection between people who are moving in have extra household items to people are moving into a new home. How much is also really exciting and maybe they don't have those items that make you feel like home yet so. It's a unique opportunity for us to connects. People who are hopefully moving for a positive reason. Two other people who are moving for a positive reason and down to help the community kind of share those resources I guess that affect. Common path is it they've got a really. Unique campus downtown is participating career fairs are found. It's not just housing it's it's a lot more than that means nothing can really. I'm collaborate by Regis really like the fact that they do sell much to help the people but they're serving. So Jonathan you are regional director for pants San Diego yes tells little bit about your organization. Path has been around from thing 1984. Or worse the right organization. Google's end homelessness for individuals communities and families if were coming up on time. Any homelessness for almost 7000 individuals were really excited about about the momentum that we've gained. Our motto is making it home you know and so that he. That the slogan you will hear from us quite often because we believe our vision is that every person should have a home. We being in the thing Diego area from march of 2013. Were located right in the heart of downtown you can't miss us and one of the really unique things about our set up there. Is you know where or tall story operation. We have a 150 beds in around as we were referred to. Where on the claims that we serve have an opportunity to you. Again connected to housing long term housing resource if we also have sent me three permanent supportive housing and that we refer to you. Better apartments that like you and I would rent from buy these are our apartments that are intended for. First some of our resident inclined fat might need that extra additional support because of the various vulnerability factors that might happen going on. You know weighing in one of that that playing fed it's exciting about our operation that was. That that was mention is that we have a very holistic way of looking at our clients and working with our clients we we use and approach. That is pretty familiar enough homeless services arena called housing first. Which is basically in a press that we believe that. Everybody deserves a home. But but wait what's really unique about housing first is that it it not only I believe that everybody deserves a home. But there's no contingent fees connected to a home so sort of the traditional. Role of providing services within the homeless services arena. Is that you have to demonstrate mental health stability in and sobriety in medical's ability. Who we we don't believe that that should be contingent fee for housing. And so we work with committing to our clients and empowering them. Biting feeling hoping for them and and working quickly to get them the resources that they need to getting into their own permanent housing. Part of the ways that we do that as we have what we call a deep well within our building. Sort of looks like a mall. And we have about 25 different partners that that. Go through that did you guys refer to it during the week. And they provide the services time on site to our clients are clients don't have to go out into the community to navigate to figure out. Where the services they are they are that they need. You know and and I'm working in home services for nearly ten years and that's usually one of the biggest obstacles that you'll run into. Is every different type of of of service. That in individually he needs usually need to be found out I queen elsewhere. And and and the probability of them making elsewhere is usually very slim and fell path San Diego. We're really excited about this approach because it breaks down all the barriers thanks very seamlessly bring it to and bring it to them miss great. How has now that again this is the second year that the movers for moms has picked past San Diego. To that benefit from from the drive and how how is this helped. And and what does this mean to that patsy and me going to clients. I can describe what this means to our clients. You know this partnership is so valuable. And the reason why it's so valuable is because it is. Quite the task of of of working and with with. With our clients that have not had an apartment and in a very long time. But I but sometimes one of the the most difficult things when you get the keys to your door and are walking through. There's no resource is or or mark Klein thing I have the monetary fines. To make your house select home and so through our partnership. You know we're able to. Not only can we do our our claims data keys to their apartment. But they walked into a place that they can actually call home. How many and they women. Benefited from from the drive last year for last year we got a hundred a welcome home kits. That that. The women that. Come to our program were able to benefit from. And there are a lot of women with with children in news in your program. We're facility that serves individuals we don't have the ability to a comedy children no one of the things that we do try to work on during our time there. Our opportunities to reunify with their children. You know and so the part of of the means that we do that when they obtain. Keys to their apartment. There's opportunity to say. You know is there an opportunity for you to reunify. Now now homelessness and in San Diego I just heard last week on the rise. And and I I can test then I saw for myself firsthand when Allen to Padres game recently. I have never seen. So many homeless people on the way to the game high in downtown San Diego why why is this. The the answer is complex. I wish I committed. Tell you give you a definitive answer to notice what it is but I also think the venue with an answer whether it be easier to solve. Right you know bed there I think there's a number of reasons that it that I can share from from my experience and I think that. One of the major ones is affordable housing the lack of affordable housing. You know that this is. Slow Diego it is it is a very difficult place to. You know try to find housing and it's competitive I mean. The landlords and you pardoning fete that. We are working to acquire for our clients. Are the same ones that you and I would be raining from and so a lot of ways. You know we are the competition. Infill when when you're looking at. When landlords are looking to to work with. With with individuals you know I mean they have apartments that they're looking to to rent quickly and fell. Sometimes if you have someone come along the hats and little bit more resources they're they're going to be able to you. Into that apartment quicker you know I think. He vis some of the other reasons for going on is that the I think there's a lot of services that are centralized in downtown. And so. Keyboard and go to where the services are apt. I'm there's also a little bit more visibility. In terms of attention as well you know I think that there's been a lot of efforts to. A different organizations and businesses that have. Path out tenth. To provide a here a roof over. People's heads and so I think with that becomes a little bit more visibility. Tell us about. Can't San Diego's. Connections housing sort. So our our connection housing. Is as I mentioned earlier we have 150. Bed and and what that means and I think inner embed it's it's a short term stay. And weighing. You know our clients come in through the doors the very first thing that we work on assessing is. What are the goals that they need fit that need in order to seek here and obtain permanent household. So a lot of the things that will deal with them is we. Work to get them connected to you on their benefits. Or maybe it's working to sit here documentation that they need for. That a landlord wants this to your employer wants is he such as an ID or Social Security card or birth certificate. If there interest did pain addressing mental health from him connected mental health providers that are on site. If there are some. Immediate medical issues that the claims are. Interest did. In and addressing then we have medical services that are also on site that we can get them connected to you. One of the big things with the services that we provide an app path and eco is that. Our services are highly individualized. Because we we recognize that every single person comes third doors has unique needs and that's why we have so many partners to make sure that were. Positioned well to address every single one of those needs that they have and once you find people. Home he just don't give the keys and pyrite there's there's absolutely support services after the Egypt. Home right right. And a and a lot of ways sometimes. You know gaining the home is is the easy part. You know it's it's quite the transition in four for anybody who's been on the streets for a for a long period of time. To Tim maintaining keep her house and I mean it's overwhelming to start Balentien. A budget and food to pay bills on time in going to the grocery store and having to make decisions on what did the immediate things that you need and so. Path is very focused on what we call retention services which means that. Went for you know our our clients get keys to the apartment where we're very focused on what this feels that they need to develop. And and to keep there apartment and I think we should mention that to. You help of employment don't you yes media. So you view help them find jobs. Right yeah I'm so we have a Adam a veterans' employment program. In and we also work with. Ours are non veterans with gaining employment as well. We've held nearly 400 individuals gain competitive employment. And one of the things that's really unique about the the services that we have to offers you refer to it supported employment. It's not only. You know will help you find and employment lead. But we'll help you develop the rest from me will. Do you some some interview coaching and once you have the job we're going to be. Talking about. You know how's the job going. You know is there any areas that you need to develop them and your skill set then and boost your confidence thing. So we followed them. Through so ongoing support Mandarin as well. What about volunteers. In any volunteers are being part of non profits. And a volunteer opportunities to offer volunteers are are huge. The one of the tough parts about about being a non profit is oftentimes the the funding for your programs. I don't support a lot of the critical need fed that key your program needs to operate and felt. A great examples we have a path cooks program we we provide. Meals to all of our resident every single day. And our meals are are cooked and prepared and donated by volunteers every single day and felt. It's it's a huge huge part of our our program and we could not do it without he had the support of the volunteers from the community. We also have. A lot of volunteers who come in and to offer their expertise. And in different ways that they feel fit you know we've had some partners have come and they have really strong. Organizational abilities then and have helped us identify ways that we can improve the flow of our our kitchen operations or we've had a you know individuals who who love to cook on I'm a small budget and so they come in in their teaching are ratcheting fund. You know how to how to cook on a budget that's that's manageable. You know so there's there's all sorts of ways that had our our volunteers work them and support our RM our client. And funding where does that come from. Majority of refining it is is. City. Faith as well as as federal. We offset the rest of it through private donations. You know food the he donations are are such critical piece because not only do they support you know certain operation pieces that that. You know government contracts and grants don't cover. By itself far mean to being able to provide some of the services that just. How proclaimed fill a bit more. Improve the quality of life when it when he moved in into their apartments. So movers for moms would just that at a time so movers for moms. Tomorrow. You'll be picking up. From your partners but people still. Like to donate half something that they wanted to donate for movers for moms. They can do that through the week right. Yes absolutely. Contact our office now or stabbed by a we'd love to get those last minute donations and once again how about some that list you know of what what is that you need picture. Household goods so. Pots and pans silverware. Cups think about the things that you have in your kitchen that you need. On a day to day basis also toilet tree items and anything can be kind of a fun. Now little extra for a month or steak which is really what. On this campaign is circled all around and everything will be delivered to pass San Diego just in time for mothers out. And now now just before we wrap up the year your other big drive campaign that you have as movers from military. And if you already got the date set for that jackets started it we serve planning actually is as soon as we wrap up movers for moms usually the collection itself. Runs. September to October end of October. And we do our deliveries. For veterans day so. The deliveries are early to mid November OK and and again. Veterans village of San Diego veterans villages and you know that this year will be our sixth annual. Movers and military trash and we really. Are looking for clothing gently used clothing. Shoes and some toiletries items for the actor. And your website. Two men and a truck. Yes team and then trucked out come down to man in San Diego dot com brings the right to our local that's okay your own social media yes you are feast but. As the best thing to find its. Okay and death pants San Diego website paths and you go dot org. Okay and your social media we are well on FaceBook. And if somebody wants to help you with your missions and we lost volunteer somebody wants to make a donation can they do then it's your web site. Yesterday that a paths are you a dot org they're you can. Give information on volunteering in total absolutely. Is there anything that person has to to do any special requirements to become a volunteer. Now it's very simple I mean we don't want their to be any difficulty your barriers we've we've kicking. Volunteers with us okay. Great to unleash always pleasure seeing you having you on the shown Jonathan. Pleasure meeting you haven't you know shows well thanks to both of you for all that you do it humanity truck. And pass Diego thinking yeah. Act includes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed some living veterans San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from voices for children. Until then I'm Jerry Lee. Have a great week.