More Things You Wanted To Do as a Kid

Thursday, November 2nd


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Why is this thing that you always wanted to do was a kid for whatever reason never got two and now you re living your childhood. But as an adult and finally able to do it. We're about to hear Alexis is story 61957. Though number 1973. And a real sweet story from Hulu gamut Colson we do don't crash on London time Tim in the morning and San Diego's number one for new country KS so Ryan all right Lula sweet Lou tell us what it was that you wanted to do as a kid. Didn't get to do it got to do is an adult. Well I always wanted to martz in the marching band didn't in high school and I was too afraid to deal and then when I was in my late twenties I went back to college. And then my senior year in college but that it is now or never tried decided to do that and now it was hilarious about her. I'd like I give kids credit you know or being double play an instrument and and walk around the same time it was so alert. So I salute you. Played an instrument bower too afraid his trial for the marching band and then finally got your guts up to do it as an adult going back to college. I did not actually so it was a learning to play and then. Instrument as well. Look ma. That's amazing that's being what did you learn to play you'd go to mark Barrett checking out of him in a man Martina baritone and Lou that scotsman is so dead. I think that was a laughing a lot because. I couldn't I buried notably did but at the same time I did it. What patent or I couldn't play well I was marching that I haven't been marching because back. I couldn't think of but that the central and. Lou is the man I don't care if you raise an territorial dispute the fact that you did it. The good angle back to college as a forty something year old man right now skiers are you know not all it's only that classes that scary the rest of it is locked up. I couldn't do the rest on a I B I'll. I couldn't do the rest yeah got a bad in that I had to make you hold its. I have a morning show doing a moment. Have you played her Monica that to navigate deeper Christmas Syrian and get less injured player that her Monica maybe indeed part of it AM yeah you should forma. Blu-ray. At the band together blue green and I'm from god. All right well let's add the difference to reveal what it than this isn't actually pretty good topic in her right into this topic that always wanted to play vis a vis management as it rains and. He and I you got one last year for Christmas and what does it sit in the box he minority as you know word is is on the nightstand. It's on the little mentally call at the table thing with pictures and stuff. Maximize that. And I can't. I think it's content management and payroll in the manner yes I ignored is always so we're gonna hold of this now so that you can Dudack Joyce wondered as a kid. You'll now learned to play that musical instrument harmonica. And really inspired you a yes vote yes and now you're making me. I am doing it again 61957. On number 1973. Alexis what's something you always wanted to do as it did but couldn't do it but finally got to is an adult. He read K okay why we. Why weren't re not allowed to eat red candy I know my parents and they had read all shared a secret. And red dye specifically major super hyper. No other dye is except the red dot. Agreeing. So it is Rendell is having different understands all guys are made of different things in their certain dies that seem to cause issues red dye number two yellow number five. Are the ones that seem to cause problems with little kids and so I guess that but what happened when you finally quit when you finally awarded dull and he had a red kiddie. Just flip out. It's so much better so we're talking like liquid red lake grayish red star birthright Eminem's. Like cherry I am a little pop. Like the big. Up hopped into the pattern. So Swedish fish known. This is bizarre. I have to imagine that this illusion moved your parents' house the first trip you made was the red candy store. Then my my mother along with super sensitive to that those who died colors too and she would always have to look at the packaging is not a prisoner by young kids got. That's passed out candy period of death isn't the sugar while they do but then what's your feet rat and now after trying to mom. TV airhead. There are. Elude the red hair and heads again when I was there like that Kathy but even better Kathy but even remember air and I don't remember I asked our. No okay all right all right he did Arcadia there's definitely a drag our hate taking congratulation on your new life with a red eye candy. Hi my area live I would every one red canyon to mostly couldn't hammering yeah. Turns mean what does enjoy hearing to watermelon candies to. Now while their peak pattern we have to look and see. They changed a lot of the guys some a lot of amused more vegetables I can how did you become a high expert on top of everything else happy and I'll yell the item or 42 and red dye number asterisk five with a pound sign. It was my first mother in law I was 1920 years old and she had allergies to and that's how I learned about it. We drew encyclopedia. Except when it comes to Harry Potter and how.