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Friday, September 1st


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List of good things people are doing. Their help. Our friends our family our Brothers and sisters in need in the Gulf Coast of Texas. And museum and human dealing with Harry is growing which is great because in time of despair beach we grow. But strong together Biden banding together and helping those who needed JJ watt start I was foundation he originally. 200000 dollars yesterday's they will get a single ten million now now is like guess what now it's fifteen no nice he keeps making money on this thing it's insanity throw that raising money that you don't have yet our own president donate a million dollars yesterday which is great. And in the wake of all this because. People wanna talk about the negative and I'm just annoyed by it Worrell annoyed by it so we decided we wanted to do hash tag. Tell me something good 61957. Though number 1973. Staff and. Go off. Austin tell us on the good but it. I get ideas from the community at all it crashed I pulled over to make sure about that Kayla about the industry leader. All on song think you Austin for doing that's a great thing was everyone okay. Right way to go well how many times we just drive by actions and not realize it mean maybe they could. And don't use and they don't have a cell phone no one called 911 yet I don't know any let's move on lakeside is where Tracy lives hey Tracy. I have done Tracy tell us something good every eight weeks I donate to lag. Eric and leaderboard going. That's great especially now is a really rough time for the San Diego blood back. I received an email from a encourages me to make an appointment. I bet you didn't like that shut down the whole area yeah and they're intense scrutiny. And that. I'm getting my son's in Kurt hey I'm an appointment. Clinton 45 this morning to all those and donate blood. All right on this very day. Edwards did your son ray this is a pick up one and all but what's your blood type dress up. I'm O negative. I universal donor. Tracy did you know that only six point 6% of the entire world has donated a blood. There aren't exactly what you are so unique. O negative blood means the blood cells are called universal they can be transferred to. In almost any patient in need you comic superhero is what you are you're looking at your blood can heal anybody. And don't say I'm glad I'm doing my part. Did you not know that about O negative blood. Now I mean you know it was a rare breed you realize it was that rare. I didn't know Eric 6% ranks I really I I you know they always call me every week on the. Aren't you you look let's put it this way bloodless champagne and be crystal and yet every breath every picture frame and I like. There's account downs when they get to call yield huge park ride up on any blood bank in the world yup. They probably tennis court I think that's. I don't know about that I try to do my partnering. Every every elite. When you get done donating blood they've taken the special room with a real nice snacks are no cookies Oreo. Others say amendment giving nutter butters. Yeah. Look at the generic Oreo is with a sandwich cookie you get a nutter butters wow. That's rock star. Pacers in it for you I used to donate blood. Almost well quarterly and I just. After I got to add to that is kind of forgot about it that really and ashamed of doing that don't have the super Kristall blow the US amateur a core bell and a warm core bell of but now. But doesn't it doesn't matter it's needed so help all the San Diego blood bank in good for you tell us something good Tracy adjusted thank you. Yeah are all right take care and it merging your son Jim exactly cash tea until sub tell us something good I like it.