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Thursday, December 8th


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John and we're already has astounded us with the talent that he has the smoothness of it amazing talents to speak to spirits into presences who have passed. And he's continue to do so with more of our kids on family members. So how long we last left John. He was skating the unique name of the Robert was my down OK and he did past eight years ago. So I need you to know that also was commodities are down there. So you mention a dog with the both those those have passed yes I surpasses easier does re letting you know like. Our pets are with us of the people to listen to this our first gambling are very much connect us less than specializes leopard Isa card his arm shot. So what's funny is that and that's what got me to you was I saw the shepherds like the right below the owner of does does the station and I thought it was for the previous guest. So yeah. Sometimes a dog will bring a person through so. Although things I have put down there was that I was getting the name Robert Robert your dad's name but then they showed me Bobby so if I get two versions of the same name. It usually means there's two people with the name my brother around right. And so that means that to see people so I got John Johnny and you know Jonathan I know there's three Johnston so I got Robert coming up Bobby. And they showed me pass as an ass and sort of businesses and or Stephen or Sharon my brother Steve Steve okay. And then October they showed me as being something significant so birth anniversary in October my birth month. My brother Steve is anniversary is October and then the last input on there was a number twelve was made at the twelfth. Of the month how and others see it as a summer everything sound so to have a rough so this is your dad's way of lady know that he's that he's around now. I don't know you said I didn't music that's on eight years but he's come to that when he passed he passed around a pivotal moment with inside the family. So was either right around someone's birthday like wedding something around that period of time with an eye on Father's Day okay well I feel like it's eight if that isn't it at pivotal times whenever Father's Day rolls around. We will look at it that way so now I have a certain way that I personally look at moments like this. When someone passes on someone's birthday with some passes around the holiday. I don't look at it as being set. I look at it is being a reminder and a celebration and made so my feeling when you share data. Anonymous soldier but you know I conflict on the student of affirmed thirty years. I feel into something special astrological when two things happen to coincide around the same time so the fact that your dad would have left this plane to the cautiousness. On Father's Day is just a reminder of we're gonna you know you're gonna have to celebrate me and Vegas Atlanta that he's he's come he gradually your new house or Sunday night. Oh I got your stinging eyes from the congressional. Why yes this is how does finally hit us this summer so yeah he's come here regularly on our own house and he's making me feel like. He might handle some to do with how you found that one sore enough that well my god let me tell you I feel like you might had twelve house is that you were looking at. And all of a sudden like bull similar piles of gonzo when you're like let's look at this one. And then you go and it's perfect like you just have to thank you just move in changing now she's a winds are you good to go. Minus whatever color they had on the wall. He's making me feel like what would they taken with the wall fan and have not all the lost just one of the wall seems like out. Like I was found dead at Marion good intent with this here is if if you listen this like we are just like blown away there's even more of the astounding work of John Edwards on our kids on FaceBook page and KS ON dot com.