More Lame Excuses For Skipping Church

Thursday, September 21st


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Well having our soul searching conversation with father pat. Has gotten some people confessing to us their excuses for wanting to get out of church and and we. We all did it to me and all of a. A poor kids you want a cure to speak honestly I liked it when I was in Sunday school I was I don't know who are stranded Sunday school was fine now it was great it was right it was. Happy and then when you were too old for Sunday school went into church I group with her and it was very dark and I was like term. I mean your your group Kathy went to Catholic schools there was no such thing as but as a Sunday school is like school. And I can't even point Loma high Tammy. I yeah I know. I can't hole. What excuse did she used to get out of church. And I can I ask that you had very little over. Call went out drinking and older. And urged that day out. I. I. Can either really really out. In here like this. Me. And let me. Oh my gosh it's hilarious and so relatable but Teva to be honest was your first. Hang over or was first hangover at church. Now trillium. I know. Oh man Dahlia punish immediately. The hype Morgan raids but right now. Would you rather Tammy. Be hung over in church with a pipe organ next you are a little with a mariachi bin XT at home against. Or you know I don't get it. So. Well when. I was a kid it was proving my parents never bought any excuse I tried I told my dad and mom I was sick now and my does Italian not sticky don't ask don't go to church. Some literally though I was sick and I was in the pew. And I put new meaning to the word view is yeah oh yeah. My dad had to sheepishly dragon by the arm and of course Raikkonen in the fraught a couple of rows. And I am in March me down the center high hill to everybody can see mile duke soaked shirt half. Kids that went to school where they're all like oh did you it was horrible. You still wouldn't take me home and I'll eat he don't we offered the rectory directories with a priest lives it was right across the street the church I just sit in the Dave bed. On their porch while they stated sure sure. Are are. Couple that Hillary. That pretty to me. Yours is great thank you I always got an expert Jack and heavy in oh yes great and he bought it might hit. And it Carrie Underwood at all wow. You. Angela. All. Jessica can doesn't all go and happen. We have Tammy on right now until these kids love when you come on the air because they think you sound just like judge Carrie Underwood and house and yeah. Just as nice sounding as Carrie Underwood. See you could Soledad popular right there. I'm Terry underwear with giant teeny in the morning on KS selling and. All you so campaign pretend to think somebody's bound bank and. The boys or teenagers do ages ago that. If you. Huge huge and I think that creates story. I love them playing a restore in the race for the cure and it would slash just pray during. This is beaming back in Iowa who couldn't get me wrong.