More Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Monday, September 11th


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Is now on your phone that you can use does somebody come to you and Phillip your car with gas lazy. Or is it just super convenient when you've got such a rush to life or in this case when your experience and highly yeah that will be good. Person stuffing your lazy but I think is a little ridiculous and you've got three kids I've been your house I know what a man houses but not everybody is lazy just because you have three kids and husband was like eighteen surgeries. Okay just relax our welcome a giant Emmy in the morning on San Diego's number one for new country KS and so associate producer Jessica that app is called what yoshi's always said Yoshi. Her friend got that and it's it's an app that you can use it in people come to you and fill your car with gas is just another chapter. In making life easier if you wanna look at it that way. And I think Tim I choose to look at that way court judgment the producers definitely. You're lazy. I am going with the food delivery apps. When my daughter uses them to get fast food Ashley and I naturally I you know with the food apps when they charge you 300% mark up. When you can easily just get your butt off the couch and get your car and drive and and and then why are you irritated with the veto or use it if it's too I have used on a path and got that that was a cool idea and I was comfortable I didn't believe it. And then I got the bills. Really I mean I could've done that. And you lesson where exactly right 619570. Number 1973. Mary. Are you guilty of using one of these him convenient or if producer stuff lazy asked I. Amazon prime interpreting its every kickback regression shot. I have Q inaudible eight in Egypt I. It historic happened completely out down in the island and Eric we are adamant about. Hearing the big temper tantrum that's still ahead in the restaurant the other day staff member is and Mary might decide that endorsed temper tantrum at a grocery store but. I bonded with the court he gave my son. Of an erection swells and the Marriott and it's more I get the banana up. Merry does everything but grocery shopping and Amazon prime all right well listen I love Amazon prime I uses every week and again I used to do the grocery delivery from my daughter so I think it's I've I love but also had a lot going grocery shopping so architects and I take care all right let's go to Shannon Oceanside what app do you use. In a car. And it light delicate topic what Amazon climate than you can from local or like are they than cop out. And hear about it and you either the curbs and he and Tony I dive buddy story yet free shipping and there's only hit seven iron delivery. Oh wow so I don't go to Costco for you we'll go to Stater Brothers for you it'll go to the store for you. For fifteen backs. Yes and when you have a 1000 Bruntlett played I am having to go to our. I'll let me read who are you see. All right let me actually yeah yeah yeah. Yeah Shannon's best lines that's why. It's. You lazy. Like you grow your own heat treatment I don't. That's he has lately up up up. Indoors we producer. This is the most. Open minded of the three of us now here's a lazy and my kids. Mommy's illiquid. Well I think we're getting out of interacting with people are always an Amazon and we're not getting out of the high army which was she's always on him you know I did on Amazon this week and I bought my daughter a textbook for college you know I would had to buy that textbook for edit edit college bookstore 172. Dollars eagle above for an Amazon does he can rent textbooks now. Or 2.2 dollars. Well to make sure it gets back in time I told him avoid the late fees add up I had that happen really. That's good enough I'll forget them 61957. Known number 1973. What's. Steve used to make things more convenient or are you feeling a little guilty that might be really easy for the fiscal connects. If god didn't want us to have these technicalities he wouldn't of put rains in people's heads oh boy here now right. I suppose you think going to cancel an accountant by concert tickets is lazy or getting to cancel an app where you can buy ticket that's a sleazy right now and you know. Yeah commercial harsh and that three kids we all the people had three kids even answer oh no I think we're getting all. Shannon likes these convenient apps because in she's got a good read it you might think CNN's lazy producers Jeff Shannon. Yeah it worked out that we act active duty at. Why it happened I just need to get eat eat eat more my hair big Mac paid it certainly is going to be very good at what. I like how I felt I had you know it didn't block it out. Go get whatever it might get it would not elaborate I don't air that are like what it's like yeah. New small children a husband the work sixty hours a week and she's active duty and. All right I know they give her much Shannon and but I have three kids and gag went out there will all Thailand not to row out to catch you protecting our country. She's on duty and produce a radio show you right. There in your. This recycle bank majors exactly and he's Nazis she is paying tries where she said I would pay for it's that it's worth it to her all right that's about Utah Iowa and do you use that does is probably the leading to yourself but you know is really convenient. I used Chile dot com for all of my way to do need to ask that led Alpine and it targets Q. Decent pet store but they just recently opened and that could loop so I don't use it anymore. You know that your beautiful city doesn't even more beautiful good old John Jimmy's engineer. Thought sound a little by the way cleans bathrooms around via its agreed store it's a great start and who. If I keep that I know that he had them up up up up up a oh you Caylee. My boyfriend of the huge tech learned so we got it. That Google all out and he will lie hat that basically all our houses. Slowly like you speak to it and Bennett getting up and turning up a YE surge. Now I don't again Nokia is acting that's pretty cool well well well all playing and I do it again and. House turn on lights and that's kind of cool be listening to science fiction or evangelistic I guess is that nowadays what was that the clapper. Exact ouster. Of united clap clap now but you know step would still break hit. I have for you and her. Well I got up. The club. Curtis is Deborah you're telling me I've bending your house yes I opinion was their own version watching football news for the kids to bed until she had a bowling Alley upstairs at. You tell me you finally get the kids down and I finally have a longtime regret your your exhaust geoghan the 3 in the morning to our shelter and cutting about five times to nurse answer right you're about to fall seed you realize I forgot to turn the lights off downstairs. You tell me that you would rather get up and walk downstairs tripled your kids Legos. Definite dirty diaper journal I don't think you're awake again have to climb back upstairs razzle point eight pit bulls are. Or a laying your beds in house turn off lights Boumtje added that the lights I have. Now always noisy. Can come full circle AM.