More Accidental Kid Calls

Tuesday, September 19th


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Every kid pick up your opponent Al somebody you don't know war I don't know that the the foreign country or the police or is that fund is now I always find what you could call a phone number 619570. Number 1973. Everyone's got a cellphone and I'm sure producer stuff will would agree that sometimes it's really easy to give your kids yourself all you. Get ready in the cage in or try to pick up the mess that's on the floor here would advocate that the phone for awhile I can't play the camera go play some games. And that's fine I guess moon when we can start to call people hold a press story. 61957. Known number 1973. Amanda would your kid call. They call nine under my all of. Yeah we got a ton of phone calls whose exact since June. I got a call backs them and number and they comment now like I had a non emergency number I wanted to make sure everything went okay. Now yeah baby sitting in the ground call I'm I'm on my aunt and you give me off at like. Well you should keep out of reach them and tell. Me I know I am. So and then my mom can't mile or you could see got a tech icon Michael Grant and the next thirty minutes ever remember telling me like I can't believe that I did it now. You know he's hilarious I guess if you're the dispatcher there Seattle it's cherish your mom called neo reigning SE obviously not a crazy about it and that your fourth grade teacher probably called in Libya priest. 00. Man calmly and it's let's talk about the consequences of having a child dial 9114 thing. Yeah I issue at play well suited going at it shouldn't I'm like I. And other than a minute comment on the one of like. Not do that. You know it really. Not something about who she and I and I can not never actually had a kid that I debate actually did something like. Oh and there I think that Obama my mom and it looked like oh my gosh. OK I guess it slipped up I'm horrible babysit our kids really want mother it happens. Seriously. Right faith Abuja Abuja kid call. Yeah I'm cause someone out on into another one. In the Netherlands early on CB was looking at weren't federal small who knows I wouldn't matter a whole rose more yeah it's an art form in the Netherlands among was. Throws mauling it's it's a style of eating aisle is the biggest smash things that would it is no fun now. The military style of painting in the usually do it on and plates are bold notion wouldn't amount to sell and I do when I was a kid that's why as we did before TV stuff. Up ten Newsweek for TV intended to stop rose smaller I tripped up on me I'm sorry how does one accidently call the Netherlands. He grabbed how well I was cooking dinner and parted pushing buttons. And Leon we didn't even know what happened over the phone bill. Anything can you chart about our hero about the mother of a. Mom please I'm trying to call Rotterdam they have cut I want to discuss ever agriculture Arabs are architecture in Rotterdam and a. Did you hear I thought this is a really cool story kind of off subject concert and think about what the Netherlands are involved rules mauling normal it's warrior that had been buried and all this time they assumed it was a man. But now that the X rated it did more digging into action was a woman. Well worn warrior who was buried with her horses and she even she would have liked her a little playbook little war games book Tammy demand naive. This is marketing for Wonder Woman to how this is what business is how. It's true real and I'm telling Israel marketing Israel at a very effective way to promote your movie where rip on site is no such a cool story. Such a cool statue that's due to Rotterdam the Netherlands Italy the Netherlands I. Didn't see that it is an unwitting covered a warrior. And we think if you say things and you don't turn your still heavier cells into you so intelligent and. What my car up yeah yeah. No tolerance on the person.