Megaticket-oke: Kenny Chesney Edition

Monday, January 22nd


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We announced the artists that are part of the 2000 an eighteen TS ON a country mega ticket presented by Pennzoil. Then we ask you to start singing Kenny Chesney. With may get ticket Oki to try to get you win the first. Pair of tickets for that make it to you which go on sale this Friday at 10 AM I can't believe Kenny Chesney is part of this this is huge 6195701973. Ashley go ahead and seeing your way for mega tick. Oki. Don't blink or like that it takes careful. In that. Movie back. A little late. That's very sweet ghastly but that is not the right song being you know. Let's go to Becky in lakeside Becky sing your way to Kenny Chesney and the mega ticket Oki tickets. Marriage act meant you. You've beaten a fan I wanna know seeking. Yeah I hear you were. I always here rags Spezza got right back yeah Harry get pressed back on most of those shirts and shoes and that's not the right on. Let's see our way. To the mega ticket Oki tickets let's go to Valerie in lakeside Valerie go ahead and senior wave to the Magid ticket with mega ticket O'Keefe. Yeah and we'll. Yeah. For an angle that even unmarked. Analog era Boris you get a really good job that is not right Kenny Chesney son also you can try again we are singing Kenny Chesney. To win next mega tickets and make a ticket Nokia all right Sidney goal I had and senior way. To seat all the acts that are part of the mega ticket. Yeah. As you well but that is not writes on honey being you know. OK let's go to Olivea in Camp Pendleton we're seeing Kenny Chesney to try to win at. Those first Arab mega tickets go ahead and sing your way with mated to get Oki. It. We eat paint it redeemed ADR. MEU that. They are not these are you well. Really Olivea hand right there Timmy opened up that field I. Let's open up envelope that creatures of game. They're big. Olivia you have the very first pair of mega tickets. In San Diego you're gonna kick off that may get tickets season to go see Kenny Chesney you can sing along with that song. My god you guys all my and a well thank you you do the hard work force. Yeah about him breaking one window do you. Yeah. That's fantastic congratulations Olivia. Thank you so much it. Newt and again the mega ticket goes on sale this Friday 10 AM. And it's only on sale for thirty days only so you definitely if you want that you need to get on that right I'll play.