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Monday, November 13th

Inertview With Disneyland Resort Spokesperson.


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Didier does number one for any country KS so when amber at live at Disneyland. Winds may get rob who is the resort spokesperson for Disney memories. I -- good holiday I need only field this year as the winds kick we amazing you go into. The holidays begin here and they've really really do sarcastic condiments and answering this time of yeah I was gonna waste out walk in the park last night and you have also is a different food. Lose and then the lights are a mean thing. Question Gloria quits how many lights you think urge you know all I I could give you a number of fur it's a small world holiday I can't what does that and that's over I believe over 300000 light on the experience that I don't think up like I can give you that land dress it anywhere between 300000 and than a billion I think yeah I got it solid it in there somewhere I was looking out my room last night and it took a picture of an actually posted on them are FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash K as a 973. It was just lit up all the trees outside my balcony was so beautiful it really is it's amazing and I think one. The best parts about the holidays here is a tradition and creates for families and our guests who come to visit. And I a couple of those traditions of returning to us here at the fireworks show over at Disneyland the lead and holiday magic and the Christmas fantasy parade. Two of my favorite love it when my first time ever here during the holiday romance I'm just I'm in love I feel like him you are doing our traditions for yourself you're gonna you're gonna wanna reach out your Disneyland friend and be invited back everything really here because it's amazing I cry everytime I visit. When I watch the fireworks or I watched from the colors he's not like here at Disney California that they're not like it's like just an overwhelming you feel the energy emotion just filled with like as a dozens of keys and magic it is definitely feels out of it I think the thinking about but if it certainly. At. Here is that because we're at Disneyland that I had a chorus and I know there's just so much to the holidays here between. Everything going every detail and you mentioned the food you mentioned the department got the entertainment the shop being the holiday shopping up right at about a dozen things I wanna buy from that niceties Liz neck I know are rather all this time of year but a little something for yourself with a bad. But that's why Anchorage everyone go to Disneyland dot com to get. All the details on everything happening during this time and here holidays runs through January 7 seed company plenty of time to come from outside Davidson at the end of the whole week ended January did yeah her like Christmas is a very bad time that's a great idea Howell thank you so much for having us my means so much fun again today it hammer broadcasting live from Disneyland.