Meeting Sam Hunt

Thursday, May 5th


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CM fund closes sensitive stage coach with that song and the only crazy. No one more so than nope CC yeah no one more so than a fourteen year old. And you're about to hear what a fourteen year old girl sounds like when she meets her idols. Being back pulling off a little hole and doesn't even begin to describe it is 743 wood John Jimmy and KSL and we do have some drizzle this morning to get a chance for us maybe even a thunderstorm tonight with highs in the mid to upper sixty if you're sitting around the office they held a fourteen year old girl sounds like when she meets Sam hunt. Wonder no longer this is that the audio captured and stagecoach the seconds after that happened to fourteen year old Katie and I think she's kind of excited and. Yeah like this implant and then. And then I print and like how long did you wait like I did it like attending do you kind of see him and they're great and then like I silently. Celebrating his celebrity and then I mean in my hand and illness plagued. I tell you like you get the pigs and mom was a good read on yeah. Okay ten innings and also many Israelis as well let's see what did you tonight not me it's. Like the just think I'm gonna have earned. His degree Eads and weighing on Appleton beautiful. These using a clean since the end the end and shouldn't really pretty. And really hot underneath you it's slightly I know alert bold look all around I don't that's right yeah you've been empire. Highlight when you look into my thinking that we can't music they like this coming out really great yeah I call it. The quality and quality of the but I don't think I can top that I'll never and I. They go. Then there's a letter saying now well I can't believe. They got. Oh my god that's all you can write it didn't hit it all right well even before Sam. Onto the stage and stagecoach rain snow or some rumors popping around out of her about what happened with him hundreds Cisco show you might be scratching your head when you're about to hear what the it is an important of a lot of those who were. There was some rumors that Sam hunt was going to be a special guests onstage with him in those rumors warfare. Word true I'm in a moment of uncomfortable. Laughter. Austin weirdness awkward and I mean it was all me out of. I would do it anyway Facebook's unease and make them though I think given up. And all the. I think it anyway. Yeah there are more swears in snoop dog's appearance informative and his tenure is three days ago and wound me and it the crowd is equal like this is. The most awesome thing ever and just is equal. What is happening to stage right it was it was. I was good deal what Bud Light they wanted to cross from all different artist fan yeah well I was bigger cynical but I might there's no way Snoop Dogg noses him on I'd bet someone told them like two seconds before he went on stage but with a guy's name is Sam hunt right in your hand if you don't forget and plus I'm wrong. Because it turns out that snoop dog actually pitched Sam's. Some songs after that sending out so well still think I've got some songs I wanna record with Tommy just like that you could and I am happy I got some. I think everybody saw who I might have a paper you have a phenomenal to rescue dog imitation because I can all right. And there is Sam says he's honored he's flattered one of the songs it's who has written for him to do together is cold so proud to be an American look bad and the makes you feel proud of who you are he's gonna collaborate with the I assumed it was able. Put your blankplay eggs in the area. It was one that string and.