Meet Phylicia and Alberto!

Friday, July 28th


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John and Tammy in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS or we're having such a blast how far does that. Hey behind the Mike series Tammy archer islamists are. We aren't that our studio audience and we're so much fun Blass who think Einstein bagels and catering as well. A not only. Four other breakfast but this being cool and delivering new U food wherever you are in San Diego I think it was extra pep in the coffee today I think. Tammy other I want you pleased to introduce our next special guests who happened to be. Part of our studio audience today but. Party your heart as well absolutely so Alberto in Philly show are here. And they're very special to me because a couple of weeks ago. I made the mystery in miss it through I'm Mary then. Guys I believe that was left out of that because I was doing the Toby Keith shall issue right knob I'm sorry mister ceremony but congratulations you have to make a fabulous couple. Now I Tammy is that this is awesome because Tammy became. When you're online reverend what would you call yourself an outsider yes yes yet. What we did our our roller coaster of love infused back for Thanksgiving we had couples renew their vows on the roller coaster at legal and yes I got urging forget and she does it for for close family and friends and congratulations you guys it was Newton and here. They were socially well first of all I thought Alberto is gonna go down I thought it was gonna things I really did it. Very nervous yes there are no explain the situation because you guys aren't this is not a new thing for you to know we've been together for all over ten years some. Al Liu engaged for. Floor for married engaged yeah. Yeah so I mean. Why were you nervous while he's owners and I understand you're getting married but I mean come on the obvious is the US and dressing like with either ten plus years there's just a really beautiful day him. Once as far are held my breath and even did any cried how tall are you Alberto sixer yes and I thought is gonna have to catch him. How come. I'm a little nervous you're a beautiful bride. I your bridal party was grave says the setting was beautiful on a friend's. Beautiful farm it was just our ranch I should say and it was just it could have been it could have been battered and especially once a protester breeding it was great. Malaysia and deceit and I'm talking here okay and your husband to look at him W meals here epic scale of 110 as in the fishy to you until. She was above botanic and a master anybody out freely again. Does he say something anything specific that stood out as as does that all the forget that part of the ceremony and it's hard to remember. The ceremony because your whole different world and any final whirlwind been anything specific stand out. That. She. She really. Touch the subject of how my NN Albert's relationship. We have an open line of communication and we really can't tell each other anything and everything. So when she brought that up pitches she hated I. I'm probably ten there was violence. It's pretty extreme to you meet with them beforehand yeah we talked what you're gonna say we had a lot of conversation before and about each other and about they they gave me their story and everything and so that's how I base. Everyone is different I have a book where a right everyone ceremony by he end. And and that's where it stays in my book so sowed now you know you must have been really nervous I was the idea you were high but you know what Alberta help me because of its life. I'm like Patrick Henry the second well. Yeah yeah yeah. That date and antennas and nothing loving couple.