Meet the "Flood Hounds" at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Thursday, September 7th


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Well looking to adopt any of the dogs or cats that are brought to the humane societies here in San Diego from Louisiana because of the hurricanes or wait. There things you know before you go that the receiving some time. And maybe see your house from being written anything in particular attack by an act of puppies we had a field trip yesterday and we had a blast. So we're here with that John Lindsay and T we're out at regional coastal humane society became not to visit some of the dogs that have long hair. This horrible I get every one of them you know they're adorable. But there's some rules and restrictions and end what we have to do before he hands and let us know how if somebody's interest in what they can do well the person. I think is that you have a family living at home because if you get out here and him yen and one can only cap. My mom and dedicated water dog you need to decide that before you come down. Download an application fill it out to help you don't wanna sit in the lobby here and do that then I mean you can't pick and choose your home when you come in bring in your application. It's good for six months or if you come in you don't find the dog can't rabbit that you won't read them. You've got an application on file for the next six months and then I'm. Commander talked with the adoption counselors and tell them about your lifestyle. How much do you work homeowner gone under no limitations in your homeowners association or apartment or Condo. It's a great thing because I was drops by my insurance because of the freedom my dog I didn't know that that was gonna happen I had to go with somebody else but it is important to check all that stuff out before. If that all out of the way before you come in Canada and again lifestyle looks like I had somebody come to this morning until I wanna adopt any weak cold Arctic ice it done. Word you were telling her gone and they work of one of the local TV stations that go to work at 3 o'clock in the morning and they get home at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And I said we won't send you home with a poppy it's not hurting you it's not fair to the puppy you'll leave populace for ten hours it's going to find a way to fill all the time and it's now. Going to be a productive way to put the time you have we we try and match the needs of the path. With the desires of the family and if you come in and your staff I need to start this size this high this campus color of this breed to find the when the reaches out is going to. Pure hard right John it's almost overwhelming here is my first time there's almost overwhelming is still busy you guys are. This is not a normal day at the office I think to display the results of the weather incidents is another on the Gulf Coast. It's a little busier than usual because. Of the Bloodhound type column my they bring more attention. I think one of the things about a story like this see here's. People who have been thinking. About getting a pass. I say well they've got a lot of now let's go look. And it doesn't necessarily mean they get when there are people that community I've realized walking around here I'm not home enough I'm not ready to get a cab. Do you need anybody that can be off Foster that can take one home overnight once in awhile. For all I see that you have that money going back there with her letter are they gonna stay here and told the babies or eight weeks old. Well not if you'd like to take them home fostered them rich three weeks. And sent him to hold or people who say you know I do I just worked too much my job doesn't permit it. But I'd like to help but maybe they can become one of our volunteers that goes to pick animals to a street fairs America's special adoption of ends up. Lots of opportunities for anybody that wants to be involved at. It lands it's an.