Meet The Couple That Got Engaged at the Florida Georgia Line Show

Monday, September 11th


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Lot of people don't real good time of the Florida Georgia line concert on Saturday I don't think too many people at a better time however then Daniel and Caylee good morning Daniel good morning. Deal you pulled off something pretty spectacular tell us what you again. Well I stood in front of 30000. People with the help well two up and got the ordered miners asked. My favorite woman in the world community. And twenty million more on FaceBook like. Everybody. All right so ignore you worried at all about it it guilt coming unhinged to did you feel like it was gonna go greats what what how your nerves. That the whole time I was I was waiting for that strong the whole time I was so nervous and yeah. I knew that one thing went wrong somewhat and economy hurt the red carpet. And you couldn't comment I imagine you couldn't concentrate on the show at all because you were waiting for that song checking your pocket to see if you still have the ring hoping that you're girl didn't go the bathroom at that exact moment right. Pretty much and everything was just to waiting for that open. RA and I think we should check in with Caylee and see if she had any come in calling in and how things are worth her this morning hiking elite. And congratulations Galen. What are romantic you have so explain to us what's going through your head when all the sudden you realize your being pulled onstage. I'll let lie tried to run it very taken out and that absolutely not not clean up there. And I heard you know PK and par Hubbard saying my name at that OK there's something else going on like at I'm just gonna roll a bet I definitely charitable. You thought it was just going to be something goofy need you wanna be embarrassed. Yeah I can never ever imagine what it would be adequate and it in Atlanta it you know who I love your first instinct is to flee right now. A lot of people yeah you had no idea is so that he really pulled off a surprise. You really dead heat you know when a black on Kmart and holly came on. He pulled me to the back of the crowd in January 2 people away from the fact I would look at and Mikey would be like them. Even born here and so it was definitely. I'm glad I just went with it. Do you remember saying yes. Ideal I do remember it saying yes it's time. Now Daniel. The second that you're done you've been nervous soul long on the whole life and I imagine for days leading up to this maybe even longer. It's over it's happened you pulled it off she said yes your back watch Michelle did you have any kind of like. I want to break down but did did your nerves finally diskette let loose in and did you freak out all Doyle Mike guy can't we just pulled us off. I am I'm still on the hunt and I woke up yesterday and and it just felt exactly if they went dead isn't that unbelievable you know it's. All the black communities used to get to take even a pyramid and a half out of their Cho. Let me do that then. It I just wake up and I'm still so so thankful for you guys that you know make me happy apparently interprets. Mary woman I love and everything he had thought that the two great. Fool you pulled it off or prouder view congratulations to both of you get a job. Right all right all along life we hope you guys think here it is here. Isn't that romantic Jessica our associate producers still crying and.