Meet Cash Cow Winner Debbie

Monday, October 16th


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So we've heard about this 80000 dollar cash cow that we do multiple times a day and Cindy was number one for new country gears on. This happened and it's pretty cool Devi isn't fall brook Debbie I imagine are you still doing in the eye this 11000 dollar happy dance. You you think it can and the DJ am only. Yeah yeah. He was the winner RED 8000 dollar Gizo in cash cow I've never won a thousand bucks what's it feel like daddy. I am I don't know that it actually doesn't generally well but I was happy holidays. Absolutely and you have to promise us something because everybody always does the Raikkonen pistols. But you have to take a little bit of that at least and buy something nice for you. Well how that's going to be your big country caps. Yeah like the unlike the cut a Debbie legitimate you know I'm talking about and I don't because I don't know what that means a hot Debbie congratulations are 8000 dollar cash cow winner. And all of you we appreciate you listening so much thank you. Or all the details you can go to KS ON dot com and you can be a grand Richard just like Debbie loses.