Meet 100-Year-Old Veteran Joe

Thursday, September 14th


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Good morning Joseph. How are you sir. Reiterated. Go rearing and ready like it's I don't like it I heard a rumor that your 100 years old yes I am do you look you're on 170 my goodness so recently a hundred years those new stuff. Will warn you one thing. Tammy who loves her men older. So issued Collins is on a pop pop pop of love and I don't think OK I like that. Oh that's good then could not unlike young women really Smart grid on here. Arming and lived in San Diego. Or garner forget they're perfect and then you have reached. So over the years seventy years what has been the change that has surprised you the most about San Diego who lived so hard question occurs or. Especially Bill Rhodes moon the amount of people who are down. The increase in have the nation has been a tremendous help to show an eagle ramp the airport. Absolutely. What is your secret to staying so young. Well I you have to have a positive attitude dude you're already in the navy. Or anywhere else you want some none thome which hormonal build period no war no hesitation. Oh so many people. Hesitate to use human jar move forward gold and foreign minister there. Know you're coming with joy in the amount to a period are. Are you have a brazen though for whom they do energy do enough to go for a normal and he certainly do. You're so first and foremost thank you for your service. We'll we'll give you a high five when we're done talking give you certificates. Which I Cheney type 5000 hometown hero tour now you'll a couple of missions that you were on one of them was to bikini island Tulsa about those missions. Well on the bikini on and we had done a couple of atomic bombs sentinels. Us in the funny photo of it was that what we Rivera. We went down different levels we wore a patch. To determine how much radiation he period and we had different animals. The different levels of the ship them. And when they. Patched turned a certain color you couldn't go any further down they had to get down. It for a shares overloaded and they go directly down to the next level and you couldn't go raise stray known when you know. From one to the other because you good at them much radiation. And it would sit in which really hurt shouldn't yeah so he just went down Hanna may do one or two and then Cuomo and then go down to third. And so forth night. In the know would we did was in fact Obama and they are hello is there again attached to a goal and armed. I took him back with me to their total have been kept in and in. But they wouldn't and me taking off the island all you know I got pretty well attached to it I'm and you ran around with me when there were wondering. Go to different registered photographs and burden on they would not. No and mean having the right. So where UN official for charter further military or where it was that your past Time Warner and norm I was in the room winter in years as a from frozen. That vision photography oh wow wow of the things you've seen race in the things you've developed on film I can't even imagine him as being credible. Well you know when I first started around arm went through our. Are greatly king when it came on the info or San Diego. Earnhardt shows can be ambition. Repair and overhaul planes religion. And the pledge of that test and in no right to complement one time. Done to hang our own send them. And duty down there nationally on Aaron had a sweet to hangar down and you have two doors swung on each end of advent of the year. Darom. Buildings. And there was two who authored arsenal first class talked him. Must both doors are open and armed forces sweep that well the wind was blowing so all in honestly. Third class. Came up passing through and it. Funeral pull right now nobody knows who who would you want a full of clothes under or he starred Christian mission what void I don't like anybody customers were left. First question. And because general and he started shouldn't George gist of my room through Roma. Wear long two man I wanna after the officer and in our current you know and still newsroom via the user will learn. Buses you know if you will soon let me go or doing portal I am I could do for jobs for you on could be a photographer. And also. And later on a candid camera permanent signal mine and all lists and so he form Marvin for all of us were became non only. Aren't doing photography world total return had a vision that arm the arm. Their plan and what a great still and no country because he wanted to closes doors you can sweep easier braves have a great one is some. What is your favorite photographs you've taken in San Diego. Well I'd imagine. Then there's there's a couple new moon. Of course shores were an iron for adrift. Mrs. Roosevelt. A while it remained near total Noonan also. When I hear. Photographed. President Kennedy and send you actually. Mary at all. That's amazing Joseph is 100 years yeah. And you can probably still beat me up right now and I'm not a cut out a story anyway because we're gonna smiley so sweet and I. You wouldn't widget. Tonight. A veteran of the United States navy and thank you for your service to our country you are. It's it's our honor to give you high 5000 hometown heroes salute sir so again thank you for being our guest today and and many many more years to come thank you.