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Friday, April 8th


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San Diego's number one for new country KS ON and that. KS ON legendary country HD two found on my kids when dot com and via the KS a land apt. Man that was a lot on. I'm impressed. It's gray and today I'm talking to a living legend I'm so honored to have her on my phone and you're simply isn't element Marie Osmond hello. Our. Upcoming Marie all right Maria we'll just stick with that so they all say that it yesterday I was bragging to all my friends I was like. No big deal I have a voice mail from Marie on my phones. You know no big deal. How great we got confused somewhere I don't know what happened. That that we are here to date is that the good state. It is a good thing you you we try to get a hold of each other yesterday you called me right before you were about to go do the show which by the way you can see her. Are in Vegas of course at the flamingo dying every show room in Las Vegas how was the show last night. I don't know but you know Greg we weren't supposed to be here in base six weeks Donnie and I agreed to do Joker big week. And we are now in our eight year is neck Kareem wow. Achy back yet the audiences they're fantastic people and you know Donnie said that since the last year but I think people crap. You talk. That is hilarious course coming off the Asean's last weekend how was that for you. Outlook not wonder well there's so many great artists in country has had just gotten so beautiful and eclectic. And you know. I I have a very odd boys that you will see when you come to Biggio here in Vegas. I had an everything from perform on Broadway with legit soprano Q typing up in dorm I mean I think full blown opera. That I you know I have a weird instruments. But if you eat it eat you know Tim mead. Did nobody does it better thing country when you talk about music that. Can documented time in your life or based on these is sometimes you just can't. Gary napping Nazi editing country music do you got it is American music touches your heart I'm a little bit country. My third country record I was twelve and half you know paper roses among and I. And I recorded other you know no stopping her mean mean Montana. You know read my lips I actually saying that we put president bill that lying for me oh really. I got a trademark that now. Well it's funny because I had I had a number one record with it. And then just shortly after that he'd argue the in the campaign went lender is now know oh well I. It's cute and. That is great and speaking of your singles obviously already talked about paper roses. Burst onto the scene with that one got to number one and now the new single is is out right. It turned out right comes out on Nat what album will be relieved. Wouldn't be albums released if I'm the team that's not a week a week away the I think your tax day going to be depressed everything music from there you go that's it I'm not gonna attack about a waits to admit I liked that means. Hey you know what it okay you know I dad anger and the 80 really. Yeah at he loved it there and matter of fact it was in San Diego. He had been in Utah not in the army and Manny he went back to San Diego he said you know I can't live without equipment. So he he would let San Diego went back you'd done that we you marry me. That's amazing. And then he got app but it was a scary thought a. A beautiful beginning from beautiful San Diego. So anyway. So tell me a little bit about music is medicine and what that really means to you. You know might light means they can't really be in the table that has. Has brought me through everything you know might actually. Music and I have a weird way acting multiple genres. And though. You know when Whitney Jean king and I am rod what you can't sing country and you would you do net door you cannot. Yet opera and let you could being legit you know. Bet but the music and colleagues in my staple country and what I eight and year out at me seeking a bigger menu. Again and I. You know radio here all it needs that note not an in on him thought about it. Greg Moore like that. Are you kidding me it there's so many women my age an Indian thirties forties. That life brings all kinds of challenges that I guarantee you concede on a lot differently. Now and make it 21 collapsed and and met and you know I hate. Not me you know people like back in record again at lately. There has gone on album called getting better all the time that record with Libya. And dear friend of mine and we've been through you know Hayes and an hour. And you look at that you can get bigger get better. And we bowed out does not so we recorded that. A lot of really cool tunes I would John Rich let this. Relationship art believe me and Iran and do it on. This topic and it's been beautiful which are on. I'd break in break up I think the hardest thing you know I hate. I was divorced from my effort 25 years never saw him and did. Bit crazy the app and we got together we started talks mediated between Mary 25 years. Ago did it. There's a couple. They're not really be out about life is about luck it's about law. It's about it about god if you want it could be. It's about. Saying it out you're sorry and cried in the wake of music can say being. In Egypt you know. And is it true talent on it declined. A high alert take you back to him on the history and that the music is its magnetic and. That's one of my favorite things about it 100% accords are looking forward to the new album in stores on Friday April 15 as we said. Interior tax day blues with Marie. C and Vegas are not performing at the flamingo and not Donny Marie show room via the Las Vegas Marie. Thank you so much for your time and I do appreciate it it's been an honor to talk. You can't say you might.